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 | Roskilde in Denmark
Viking ship museum, Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
Boserup Skov, Roskilde | Roskilde in Denmark
The former city hall of Roskilde, Denmark. Built in 1884. The tower is left-over from a church, originally built in 1125.   | Roskilde in Denmark
Skuldelev V: Ein wikingerzeitliches, kleineres Kriegsschiff, das im Roskilde-Fjord in der Nähe von Skuldelev gefunden wurde. | Roskilde in Denmark
The old town hall in Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
The '03 Roskilde Festival. | Roskilde in Denmark
Museum Ragnarock, Roskilde, Danmark - Museum for pop, rock og ungdomskultur - etableret 2016 | Roskilde in Denmark
The 'Skuldelev 3' ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
Roskilde University administration | Roskilde in Denmark
Risø National Laboratory. | Roskilde in Denmark
Picture showing Roskilde Festivals main stage, the Orange Stage. Bruce Springsteen performing in the background. 
Photo by Bill Ebbesen. | Roskilde in Denmark
Roskilde University | Roskilde in Denmark
Old town in Rosklide | Roskilde in Denmark
Roskilde Monastery, Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
Main wing of Roskilde Palace in Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
The Congress and Sports Centre in Roskilde, Denmark | Roskilde in Denmark
Gammel Vor Frue Kirke in Roskilde, Denmark. 

Exterior. | Roskilde in Denmark
City in 🇩🇰 Denmark with a population of around 51 thousand people.

Roskilde is an ancient Viking town and the capital of Denmark’s Zealand region. Its most famous attraction is the magnificent Roskilde Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece begun in the 12th century. The cathedral is the final resting place of Danish kings and queens and contains their tombs and crown jewels. The city is also home to the Viking Ship Museum, which displays five beautifully preserved 9th-century Viking ships discovered in the Roskilde Fjord. Other attractions include the charming old town, the lively harbour and the picturesque deer park. Roskilde is a pleasant place to wander around, with a good range of shops, restaurants and pubs.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Roskilde.