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Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle: 17th-century palace in Copenhagen with Crown Jewels, historic rooms, and gardens.

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Rosenborg Castle stands as a testament to Denmark's rich history, with over 400 years of impressive architecture and design. This 17th-century Renaissance castle is known for housing the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia.

Rosenborg Castle, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is an architectural work of art created by King Christian IV in the early 1600s. It started as a summer house but became a more elaborate royal residence, reflecting the king's deep interest in architecture and art. Today, it offers a look into royal Danish culture with its well-maintained interior and gardens.

The castle's notable areas include the Knights' Hall, home to the coronation thrones and three life-sized silver lions standing guard. The walls are covered with portraits of past monarchs, while detailed tapestries showing battles between Denmark and Sweden decorate the hall. The basement vaults exhibit the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia, well worth the visit for their fine craftsmanship.

Visitors can walk through the castle's many rooms, each reflecting different historical eras with well-made furniture, paintings, and textiles. The Long Hall is especially striking, filled with the king's private writing cabinet and a collection of Flora Danica and one of the world's leading Venetian glass collections.

The local way of life is seen in how the castle is used during traditional ceremonies. Rosenborg Castle Garden, also known as the King's Garden, is a popular place where locals go for picnics, performances, and walks among the well-kept lawns and botanical displays.

When planning to visit, it's smart to check opening hours as they change with the seasons. Photography inside the castle is not permitted, so visitors can buy postcards or guidebooks at the gift shop. A walk through the gardens is free and provides a quiet place away from the city noise.

Rosenborg Castle is an interesting place for people who love history and those wanting to see Danish royal heritage firsthand. Its well-maintained interiors offer a true story of Denmark's history, while the surrounding gardens provide a peaceful break in the middle of urban life.

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