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Explore Danish Architecture Center's exhibitions, workshops, and the cutting-edge BLOX building in Copenhagen, showcasing sustainable urban design.

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The Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen serves as a focal point for understanding the influence of architecture on Danish culture and society. Housed in the modern BLOX building, designed by the renowned Dutch firm OMA, the center offers a variety of exhibitions, tours, and events. It highlights Denmark's design legacy and its role in advancing sustainable urban development. Visitors can engage with interactive displays, attend inspiring talks, and explore how Danish architecture has shaped the human experience.

Exhibitions and Displays

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) regularly curates a range of exhibitions that showcase developments in architecture, design, and urban planning. These exhibitions offer insights into not only Danish but also international architectural practices. They effectively portray the evolution of design from traditional to contemporary styles. A visit to current exhibitions, such as "Living Better Lives" or "Sustainable Cities," provides visitors with a deep understanding of how architects tackle modern challenges through innovative solutions.

Educational Programs and Workshops

DAC is dedicated to education and offers a variety of workshops and programs designed to inspire the next generation of architects and designers. For families with young children, the center provides hands-on activities that encourage creative thinking and an appreciation for architectural design. These educational offerings are often interactive, allowing participants to learn by doing — from building models to engaging in discussions about the significance of sustainable environments.

The BLOX Building

The architecture of the DAC's home, the BLOX building, is an attraction in itself. Designed by OMA, it is a fine example of cutting-edge architecture and is reflective of the innovation seen throughout Copenhagen. Visitors can appreciate the building's unique facade and explore its multifunctional areas, including design shops, cafés, and a rooftop terrace that offers panoramic views of the city.

Interactive Installations and Guided Tours

Interactive installations at DAC make architecture accessible to a broader audience. Visitors can engage with exhibits that respond to movement, touch, or sound, creating a personal connection between the viewer and the architectural subjects. For a more in-depth experience, guided tours led by knowledgeable experts are available. These guides provide background information on exhibitions and answer questions about Danish architecture's impact on global design.

Special Events and Networking Opportunities

DAC is not only a museum but also a vibrant platform for professional exchange. Throughout the year, it hosts various events ranging from lectures and film screenings to seminars and networking events for industry professionals. These occasions are excellent for visitors interested in the latest architectural trends or those looking to connect with like-minded individuals within the field.

Global Design Trends

Finally, DAC highlights the global influence of Danish architecture and design by comparing local works with international trends. Visitors will learn about Denmark’s contributions to global architecture, including renowned Danish architects like Bjarke Ingels, whose work has reached international acclaim. This global perspective positions the DAC as a key player in the conversation around sustainable and innovative design solutions worldwide.

What people say about Danish Architecture Center


DAC was a very nice surprise. For people who like beautiful design and architecture, it's a place to visit. That goes for both the Architecture Center and Copenhagen in general.

There is a small store at the base floor that you can visit without a ticket, and big slide that's worth sliding.


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