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Kastelholm Castle

Kastelholm Castle on the Åland Islands is a 14th-century fortress with tours and a prison museum.

Kastelholm Castle stands as a testimony to Finland's medieval history. Located in Sund, on the Åland Islands, this stone fortress dates back to the 14th century. It was once a center of political power and the site of significant events, including the imprisonment of King Gustav I of Sweden.

Kastelholm Castle offers visitors a clear view of Nordic history. As the only medieval castle in Åland, it shows the building methods of the time, with its strong walls and strategic location by the water. The castle has gone through various building stages, reflecting the needs and styles of different times.

The castle's history has been marked by conflict, with attacks, fires, and periods of neglect shaping its story. Despite this, extensive repair work has restored much of its previous state, allowing you to walk through the castle halls and picture life centuries ago. The castle complex includes an important feature, the Vita Björn prison museum, which provides a look into the penal system from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Local Culture & Activities

Visiting Kastelholm Castle is not just about history; it's a complete experience. Local guides often wear historical costumes, adding to the historical experience. Events like medieval fairs and plays are common, making the castle and its history more engaging.

In addition to historical sightseeing, the nearby area offers nature lovers the chance to enjoy calm walks or picnics with the scenic Åland countryside as a backdrop. The nearby Jan Karlsgården Open Air Museum gives a view into traditional Åland life, with historical buildings and farm animals adding to the rural setting.

Visiting Tips

If you're planning a trip to Kastelholm Castle, consider going during the summer months when the weather is better for exploring the grounds and other attractions. Wear comfortable shoes for walking on rough ground, and check local opening times as they can change with the seasons.

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