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St. Stephen's Basilica

Visit St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest for its neoclassical design, panoramic city views, and the revered relic of Hungary's first king.

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St. Stephen's Basilica is a towering presence in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, known for its neoclassical architecture and its dedication to Hungary's first king. With its staggering height matched only by the Hungarian Parliament Building, it offers panoramic city views from its dome. Inside, visitors can admire the richly decorated interior and the relic of St. Stephen's right hand, an important religious artifact for Hungary. Whether attending a concert due to its excellent acoustics or exploring the art-filled sanctuary, the basilica remains an essential part of Budapest's cultural and spiritual life.

The Panoramic View from the Dome

Once you've taken in the grandeur of the Basilica's façade, make your way to the dome. Accessible by elevator or by climbing 364 stairs, the dome offers a 360-degree view of Budapest. From this vantage point, you can see the bustling city streets, the Danube River, and other landmarks. It's a must-visit spot within the basilica for photographers and anyone looking to capture the essence of the city.

The Holy Right Chapel

A significant draw to St. Stephen's Basilica is the Holy Right Chapel, where the relic of St. Stephen's preserved right hand is displayed. This religious artifact, known as the Holy Right, is immensely important to Hungary's religious community and attracts pilgrims from around the world. It gives visitors a deeper understanding of Hungarian spiritual traditions and is celebrated annually on August 20th during St. Stephen's Day with a procession through the city.

Musical Celebrations and Organ Concerts

Music enthusiasts will appreciate St. Stephen's Basilica for its regular organ concerts and musical performances, which highlight the building's extraordinary acoustics. These concerts feature talented organists, flutists, and singers performing classical pieces that resonate throughout the sanctuary, creating an immersive auditory experience.

Art and Interior Design

The interior of St. Stephen's Basilica is a hub of artistic expression with detailed mosaics, statues, and paintings. Visitors can observe works by renowned Hungarian artists that adorn the ceilings and walls, contributing to the Basilica’s awe-inspiring atmosphere. Each artwork tells a part of Hungary’s religious history and showcases the deep dedication to craftsmanship in sacred art.

Accessibility and Entry Fees

The Basilica is open to visitors who wish to explore its beauty and attend mass services. While entrance to the main part of the church is free of charge, a small fee is required to ascend to the dome's observation deck. This fee contributes to the maintenance and preservation of St. Stephen's Basilica.

Guided Tours

For those interested in learning about the Basilica's history and architecture in-depth, guided tours are available. These tours provide valuable insights into the design elements, historical significance, and daily operations of the Basilica.

Dining Near St. Stephen's Basilica

After touring St. Stephen’s, you might find yourself looking for a place to eat. The area surrounding the Basilica is home to a variety of dining options ranging from traditional Hungarian cuisine to modern cafes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty goulash or just a coffee break, you'll find something to suit your taste within walking distance.

Special Events and Ceremonies

The Basilica is not only a place for quiet reflection but also serves as a venue for significant national and religious events throughout the year. Visitors may have the opportunity to witness weddings, masses, and other ceremonial occasions which reflect local customs and add another layer to the cultural experience at St. Stephen’s Basilica.

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