Sopron, Hungary, aerial photography | Sopron in Hungary
Goat Church and Holy Trinity Column, Sopron | Sopron in Hungary
Sopron - Hungary | Sopron in Hungary
A Storno-ház, a Tűztorony és a Városháza a soproni Fő téren | Sopron in Hungary
Saint Michael's Church, Sopron | Sopron in Hungary
Sopron, County seat. | Sopron in Hungary
lakóház | Sopron in Hungary
Lakóház, Sopron, Új utca 4. – középen; tőle jobbra az Új u. 2. (a Gambrinus-ház Új utca felőli oldala), balra az Új u. 6. Mindhárom épület műemlék. | Sopron in Hungary
Esterházy-palota Sopron Templom utca | Sopron in Hungary
Petőfi Theater, Sopron. Architect: István Medgyaszay, 1909. | Sopron in Hungary
A soproni városháza a Városháza utca felől, mögötte a Tűztorony felső része látható | Sopron in Hungary
Várostorony (Sopron, Fő tér) | Sopron in Hungary
Birthplace of László Rátz (1863–1930). (Hungary, Sopron, Várkerület 110.) | Sopron in Hungary
„Lábasház” és a Mária-kút, Sopron, Orsolya tér | Sopron in Hungary
István Széchenyi statue in Sopron | Sopron in Hungary
Lakóház (Előkapu 3.) Sopronban, a Tűztorony tövében. Az előtérben a Várfalsétány részlete látható | Sopron in Hungary
Town in 🇭🇺 Hungary with a population of around 62 thousand people.

Sopron is a city in Hungary that is known for its medieval architecture and lively nightlife. The city is situated in the western part of the country, and is close to the Austrian border. Sopron is home to a large student population, and the city's many pubs and nightclubs are popular with young people. The city's old town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and medieval buildings, and the city's castle is a popular tourist attraction. Sopron is also known for its thermal baths, and the city's many spas are a popular destination for visitors.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Sopron.