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Spring bells! March is here; open your doors to exciting travel experiences. The journey reveals five different cities: History in Art, Paris; Spirituality and Chemistry, Bali; the sandy beaches and vibe of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; blend in the St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and enjoy submersion in Marrakech's vibrant culture.

The guide offers enlightening tours of cities to gain insight into their history, culture, and attractions for a memorable March journey.

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City in🇫🇷 Francerated

Paris awakens from the dream of winter in the gentle embrace of soft spring. The Seine River once again overflows with life while the pleasure of being a sight to behold is brought to you by cherry blossoms at Notre Dame. The Louvre is more affordable as the crowds are thinner this time of year.

Foodly speaking, the oysters will be fresh, the scallops succulent, and the endive salads perfectly crunchy. Culturally speaking, the Banlieues Bleues Festival, the Paris International Agricultural Show, and the Paris Book Fair will be centerpieces on your menu. Don’t forget your umbrella; everyone knows it rains in March in Paris.

Spring in the rest of Europe also looks promising. Alternatively, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, and Madrid each offer something unique as days grow longer and warmer.

Explore Paris


Island in🇮🇩 Indonesiarated

March transforms Bali into a large colorful palette of cultural events and untouched wonders of nature. In Ubud, yoga, dance, and music fans congregate for the Bali Spirit Festival. Simultaneously, the island initiates the turtle nesting season. Balinese organizations such as the Bali Sea Turtle Society provide baby releases, one of the most unforgettable spectacles.

Moreover, March is the time to delve into the local cuisine as the fresh harvest allows vibrant cooking classes of original Balinese dishes. And the central Bali New Year, Nyepi, The Day of Silence, is a local holiday not to miss. The day after Nyepi, you witnessed the demon effigies' combustion, and the streets felt absolute silence.

The beachfront offers creamy sand and crystal-clear waters if such an intense Bali festivity month seems too much. No more expensive or dissimilar from Cancún, Phuket – Bali March combines the best of both culture and nature.

Explore Bali

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

City in🇪🇸 Spainrated

Stepping out from the midwinter nap this March, the potential Las Palmas displays are highly attractive. The average temperature of 20°C beckons the beach life, a variety of surfing and diving, and mountainous hiking with striking routes. The city comes alive during the Founder’s Day festival, truly embracing its cultural heritage and local history.

Another celebration to look forward to is the International Film Festival, which is meant for movie lovers. Regardless of the feasting choices, the aftertaste should contain the unique flavor of March food, papas arrugadas.

This month, as yacht rental season opens, it is also possible to see the city from the surrounding waters. Nevertheless, an umbrella is a good companion, as rain might tease it.

Similar to Las Palmas, Tenerife is also another great option to visit in March if you want to enjoy the warm weather in Europe.

Explore Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


City in🇮🇪 Irelandrated

March is the perfect balance of cultural festivals and colorful springtime in Dublin, with the focus mainly on St. Patrick's Day.

On March 17, the St. Patrick’s Festival takes over the city. It is a five-day merry-making event that includes parades and concerts and takes place on the highlight of its day.

Phoenix Park and Stephen’s Green remain for visitors’ footsteps and are filled with daffodils. Moreover, the Six Nations rugby tournament starts at Aviva Stadium, with thrilling matches attracting fans. St. Patrick's Cathedral hosts unique concerts. At the same time, the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival exhibits international and domestic talent.

Authors and book lovers can participate in the Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival. Be sure to pack rain gear since March is expected to bring wet weather, and prepare to navigate packed streets with fully booked accommodations. Dublin is a diverse and exciting place for March vacations.

Explore Dublin


City in🇲🇦 Moroccorated

It warms Marrakech to a pleasant 22°C in March, making it a great time to visit the Moroccan cultural hub. First and foremost, explore the vibrant artisan markets and take a day or two to visit the International Nomad Festival located in the nearby M’Hamid El Ghizlane desert to soak in a truly authentic nomad experience.

Additionally, it’s the time for the hiking season in the Atlas Mountains, a fantastic change of scenery compared to the bustling city.

Next, the Marrakech Biennale Show—the ultimate place to enjoy Moroccan art. Finally, do not forget to visit Bahia Palace, Majorelle Garden, Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia Mosque, and Ben Youssef Madrasa to learn about Morocco’s rich history.

Moreover, take advantage of the seasonal local farm produce, such as strawberries and artichokes, which are fresh to the market.

Finally, there will be a slight precipitation perchance, so do not forget to bring a light rain jacket to enjoy all the enriching cultural activities Marrakech offers in March.

Explore Marrakesh

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