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The historical and colorful places of Poland will never stop to surprise you. Clear blue waters, houses in all gradations of the rainbow and details from many years back in time. Also, the marvelous national parks are not to be forgotten. This eastern country can spellbound you all seasons of the year. We have made the list for you – these are the spots you can not miss in Poland.


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Let's start our journey in the northern city Sopot, located on the polish riviera. White beaches with blue water in front, houses with a feeling of the Hampton´s and iconic wooden piers. This is a favorite for holidays, which also means that there can be quite a lot of people. But don´t worry. If Sopot is crowded, the riviera offers a lot of nice beaches to try for a day. And after one or several days laying in the sun, enjoying water sports and taking boat trips – then maybe it is time to stroll the lively Monte Cassino Street? Also take the chance to visit the Forest Opera, an open-air amphitheater, for an event or concert.

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Around half an hour from Sopot, with public transport or car, you find Gdansk. This is an oldie but goldie port town, perfect for someone who wants history to be a part of their adventure. The houses look like a mix of Amsterdam and Versaille´s, colorful and impressive architecture. Use a sunny day to take a boat trip to see everything from the water or a cooler day to explore the city's museums and eat a traditional pierogi afterwards.

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Gdynia is one of the more modern cities on the polish riviera. Besides possibilities to explore the beautiful beaches, go kayaking or try a speedboat tour – you can discover the culture of this vacation city as well. Why not visit ORP Blyskawica, a preserved WWII destroyer, that now serves as a museum ship? Or Gdynia City Museum? You should check if there are any festivals during your stay. Events with different themes, such as food and music, appear throughout the year.

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It might not sound like it, but Hel is a beautiful place for your trip. This peninsula is located between the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Puck – a must go for someone who enjoys stunning nature. You can get to this northern spot by driving, but if you are there during summer it is also possible to go on a boat trip. Hel is covered with several hotels and restaurants, famous for good fish, so a night here is something to consider. Hell is often called a paradise for kite surfers, even beginners.

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The winter sports capital of Poland. Zakopane means ”buried” in polish, which it kind of is. Buried under the Tatra Mountains, where you also find Tatra National Park. Here you can enjoy hikes during summer and all kind of snow-related aciticites in winter. One of the things to do during warmer times is to visit the Five Polish Ponds Valley. During winter, there are many slopes suitable for the families and beginners, but also options for advanced skiers or snowboarders. Then you always have the option to go offpist and explore touring on skiis or with a split board.

Fun fact: The Tatra Mountains create a natural border between Poland and the neighbor Slovakia.

Read more about Tatra Mountains

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Take in the vibration in Wrocław. Buy an ice cream at a local café, appreciate the unique houses, buildings and street art. On the go, in this southwest town, small statues of dwarfs will appear everywhere. While here, you should definitely look into the Wrocław Market Square, Rynek. A place with a lively atmosphere, with a touch of history and designs of all kinds.

You can also explore the city on the water of the Oder river, the second longest in the country, and admire the city's bridges at the same time.

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Krakow is the place to go if you want to be thrown back in time, because this city is imprinted by historical landmarks. The Wawel Castle and the Wawel Cathedral are two of them, both symbols of the country's royalty. You should also take the chance to visit the Old Town, which is a part of UNESCO's world heritage list. This is one of the biggest cities in Poland, full of traditional restaurants and boutiques.

You can also spare the day for a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, an experience that will deepen your knowledge and reflect about the Holocaust.

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Poznan offers the big city life, combined with a university scene. Stary Rynek, another one of Poland's market squares, is famous for the Poznan Goats´clock tower. Churches and other architectural buildings – yes, this city is perfect for a cultural sitesing. Since it is quite the city for youngsters, then why not use a night out in town. Go to clubs, bars and dance to the tones from everything from latino and pop to techno.

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Mazury lake district

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The Mazury lakes are around 3 000 lakes, located in the region Masuria in northeast Poland. Summer is the best season to go here, but also the busiest, so make sure to book in advance. This lakeland of Poland has amazing forests, organic farms and a lot of cute resort towns. If you want to have a real organic adventure, then why not stay at a farm during your trip? It takes about three hours on the road from Warsaw to get to the region. While here, you can hire a kayak to explore the water of Krutynia River or go cycling in the forests. If you want to skip nature for a bit, then you can always go to one of the small towns.

Find more national parks to visit.

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Right by the border to Germany is Swinoujscie. A port town with nice beaches, located close to national park Wolin and the possibility to take a ferry to Sweden. If you want to explore something besides adventures in nature, then do not worry. After a day on the beach, then take a stroll in the small city and choose one of the many restaurants. A fish dish by your choice can not go wrong. As for Poland in general, you will find museums and amazing architecture here as well. This is not a big city, but a gateway to a lot of exciting experiences, national and international.

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And last but not least we have the capital Warsaw. Wear comfortable shoes, because you will never be done exploring. Visit the castle, museums and the old town as a start. Maybe take a piece of the traditional cheesecake Sernik to gain some energy, before you try another attraction. When you feel done with the city life, then you can get an adrenaline rush by going to one of the climbing gyms in town, go bungee jumping or book a ride in a hot air balloon. The capital has a wide range of possibilities, from the most luxurious hotels and restaurants to good budget hostels and activities.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience in Poland!

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