Kenya bucketlist. 3 things you can’t miss while visiting Kenya!

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There are many guides giving you those long lists of things you need to experience in Kenya, the thing is that you can’t possibly tick of all of it during a week or two. We made it much easier for you to choose. Instead of the long list we made you the perfect vacation bucket list in Kenya! Top three for a vacation in Kenya!

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Maasai Mara National Reserve

National park in🇰🇪 Kenyarated

Kenya have plenty of National parks and an amazing wildlife for you to explore. But there is only one Maasai Mara and that’s where you should go! Maasai Mara is located about a five hour drive from Nairobi, it’s only 270 km but the roads are far from perfect, but as the old saying ”the journey is a part of the goal”, we recommend you to take the time to get a glimpse of the real life in Kenya. As you probably understand, there are millions of people in Kenya living under very rough circumstances. So the five hour drive will probably give you a stronger feeling of thankfulness for life. We recommend you not to drive yourself, there are plenty of Safari companies offering Safari incl pick up in Nairobi. Except for the most given advantage that you don’t need to drive, you also outsource the administration of paying fees to the park (which can be a hustle), deciding which of all the small shops and cafés along the way you should stop at. As if that wasn’t enough they also take care of booking your accommodation in Maasai Mara.

When you finally arrive we promise you that it will all be worth it. Maasai Mara is over 1500 square km and home to the big five and many many more wild animals. Mara is actually not the biggest reserve in Kenya but probably the most famous, in south Massai Mara is connected to the even more famous national park Serengeti, but that’s on a whole other list as it is located in Tanzania.

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If you are traveling here during autumn you will see something spectacular called the great migration. That’s when about 1,7 milion wildebeests are entering the park from Serengeti in the south. Els from that the Mara is renowend for its great population of leopard, cheetah, lion and elephant.

The park is actually named to honor the Maasai people, the ancestral inhabitants of the area. You will not miss them while you are visiting and it’s also possible to book a visit to one of their villages to get to know a little more about their life and history.

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