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Ancol Dreamland

Explore rides at Fantasy World, marine life at SeaWorld Ancol, and dining at Ancol Beach City in Jakarta's premier entertainment complex.

Ancol Dreamland is a comprehensive entertainment complex in Jakarta, Indonesia, providing an array of attractions suitable for all ages. Key features include Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi), which offers thrilling rides and themed areas, Ocean Dream Samudra for marine animal shows, and Ancol Beach City, a commercial area with a variety of dining and shopping options. The park also encompasses Sea World Ancol, showcasing an extensive collection of marine life, making it a notable destination for families and tourists seeking diverse amusement experiences.

Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi)

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Fantasy World, known locally as Dunia Fantasi, is the go-to destination within Ancol Dreamland. It features a selection of rides ranging from family-friendly carousels to high-speed roller coasters like the twisting and turning ‘Hysteria’. Themed areas such as ‘Jakarta Old Town’ exhibit historical aspects of Indonesian culture, while ‘Indonesia in Miniature’ encapsulates the diversity of the country’s islands in an educational and engaging way.

Ocean Dream Samudra

Ocean Dream Samudra caters to animal lovers and those interested in marine conservation. Guests can attend live animal shows, such as dolphin and sea lion performances, which are entertaining yet informative. The park also offers an opportunity to learn more about the marine environment and its inhabitants through interactive experiences like touching pools and educational exhibits.

SeaWorld Ancol

Home to one of the most comprehensive collections of marine life in Indonesia, SeaWorld Ancol provides an immersive experience with its gigantic aquariums and a variety of sea creatures. It features a walk-through aquarium tunnel that allows visitors to observe sharks, rays, and schools of fish swimming overhead. The park ensures a conducive environment for marine life while allowing visitors to get up close with aquatic animals in a safe setting.

Ancol Beach City

For dining and shopping, Ancol Beach City is a commercial hub with a wide selection of restaurants offering local Indonesian cuisine as well as international dishes. Here, you can enjoy fresh seafood while overlooking the sea, or pick up souvenirs from local vendors. This area is also known for hosting occasional cultural events and concerts, adding to the entertainment options at Ancol Dreamland.

Accommodation Options

Ancol Dreamland is surrounded by a range of accommodations, including hotels and resorts that suit various budgets. Staying close to the park allows for easy access and more time to explore all that Ancol has to offer. Properties often provide special packages or shuttle services to the amusement park, adding convenience for visiting families and tourists.

Practical Information

Tickets for Ancol Dreamland are reasonably priced and can be purchased individually for each attraction or as a bundled pass for multiple attractions. The park takes safety seriously, with regulations in place to ensure a secure experience for visitors, including regular maintenance of rides and facilities.

To reach Ancol Dreamland, guests can use private transportation as there's ample parking space available. Public transportation options include buses and taxis from various points in Jakarta. For convenience, consider using shuttle services provided by local hotels or ride-sharing apps.

Ancol also actively supports sustainability through initiatives at Ocean Dream Samudra and SeaWorld Ancol, emphasizing the importance of marine life preservation and environmental awareness. This approach not only educates visitors but also contributes positively to the ecotourism sector in Jakarta.

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