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Tempio Voltiano

Visit Tempio Voltiano in Como, a museum dedicated to inventor Alessandro Volta, showcasing his original creations and the Voltaic Pile.

Tucked away in the serene city of Como, the Tempio Voltiano is a museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a prolific scientist and the inventor of the electrical battery. This impressive neoclassical building, with its large columns and distinct architecture, stands as a tribute to the man who gave the world the unit of electric potential, the volt.

The Tempio Voltiano, set along the picturesque shore of Lake Como, invites visitors to explore the life and works of Alessandro Volta. As you step inside, the museum's collection showcases original instruments, personal items, and letters that piece together the story of Volta's significant discoveries. The centerpiece of the exhibition is Volta's celebrated invention, the Voltaic Pile—the world's first true battery—which ignited a revolution in the field of science and electricity.

Not only does the museum serve as an educational journey through scientific history, but it also offers a look into the 18th-century Enlightenment era of which Volta was a notable figure. The atmosphere of the museum is one of discovery and reflection, with displays carefully arranged to emphasize the lasting impact of Volta's work on our modern lives.

The Tempio Voltiano, with its tall ceilings and traditional ambiance, also has a scenic location. Visitors can enjoy the surrounding gardens, which provide a peaceful space for thinking or a leisurely walk. The museum's location near the lakefront also means that it is an ideal starting point for a day exploring Como's natural beauty.

Whether you're a science enthusiast or simply curious about the history behind one of humanity's most important inventions, the Tempio Voltiano is a place where knowledge and respect for human creativity come together. Don't miss the chance to see Volta's original tools and writings, preserved for future generations in this temple to innovation.

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