Historical Villa in Como

Villa Olmo

Villa Olmo in Como has neoclassic architecture, historic art, and peaceful gardens by Lake Como.

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Villa Olmo, a stately home in Como, Italy, is a testament to the neoclassical style that was popular in the late 18th century. Known for its notable facade and well-maintained gardens, the villa offers visitors a look into the opulent lifestyles of the Lombard aristocracy.

Constructed at the behest of the Odescalchi family, Villa Olmo is an important work of the architect Simone Cantoni. Its name, coming from a large elm tree that once stood in its gardens, the Villa is a cultural center that has hosted historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and composer Franz Liszt.

The main house, with its large rooms and elaborate decorations, invites exploration. As one walks through, the elaborate frescoes and detailed stucco work showcase the skill of past craftsmen. The villa now holds art exhibitions and cultural events, giving it an important role in Como's current life.

The Gardens are a favorite for many visitors. Covering an area of about 3 hectares (7.4 acres), these English-style gardens feature a range of unusual plants and offer a restful place with views of Lake Como. The garden paths lead to lovely spots and statues, making it a popular place for relaxing walks.

Beyond the villa itself, the complex includes a planetarium and a convention center, making it a place where history and today's world come together. Whether it's going to a conference in the modern facilities or listening to a classical music concert in the ornate halls, Villa Olmo provides an experience that mixes education with pleasure.

Accessibility is simple, with plenty of parking for visitors and easy access by public transport from the city center. As Villa Olmo is a significant cultural site, visitors should check ahead for any specific events or exhibitions that may affect opening hours.

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