The 10 most expensive cities in the world

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Money talks, and in these ten cities, it speaks the loudest. According to the Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2023 by Julius Bär, the top ten priciest cities in the world are Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Monaco, Dubai, Taipei, São Paulo, and Miami.

This article will give you a peek into these cities, where high living costs meet high living standards. You will get a sense of what makes these cities so expensive and what you can expect if you decide to visit or live in one of them. From housing prices to the cost of a cup of coffee, we'll explore what it means to live in some of the world's most costly cities. Let’s dive in.


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Topping the list, Singapore. The city-state's economy thrives on its status as a global finance, business and transport hub. This status, coupled with high property prices and costly dining options, significantly contributes to the city's high cost of living. The strength of Singapore's currency plays an important role as well.

Although expensive, Singapore provides an efficient and safe city experience. City’s efficient public transportation system, including its extensive MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) network, makes navigating the city straightforward and quite affordable. One of the city's most notable attractions is Gardens by the Bay, an innovative garden featuring climate-controlled biomes that showcase various plants from around the world.

Another upside to Singapore is its food scene. Although dining can be expensive, the city also offers affordable options, particularly at its numerous hawker centers. These food courts serve a variety of dishes such as chicken rice and laksa, allowing visitors to experience Singapore's culinary culture without breaking the bank.

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