Fortress in Oslo

Akershus Fortress

Visit Akershus Fortress in Oslo for tours of royal areas, military sites, and fjord views.

Akershus Fortress, standing watch over Oslo since the late 13th century, is a testament to Norway's rich history. This stronghold has served as a royal residence, a military base, and a prison. Today, it offers a glimpse into the past and presents views over the Oslo fjord.

The fortress, contrasting with modern Oslo, invites visitors to explore its walls and grounds. Its location was chosen by King Haakon V to protect the city against maritime invaders, and it has withstood numerous sieges.

Within the grounds, the Resistance Museum documents Norway's fight against occupation during World War II. The exhibits share stories of courage and sacrifice. A visit to Akershus is incomplete without exploring the castle, where you can look into the royal living quarters and the old prison cells.

For those interested in military history, the fortress contains active military areas and holds ceremonial functions. Visitors should also visit the royal mausoleum, the burial place for several Norwegian monarchs and their spouses.

A visit to Akershus Fortress is an opportunity for a walk through gardens or reflection at the edge of ramparts, watching the water and the ships that pass by. The fortress walls reach up to 12 meters in some places, making for an imposing sight.

Whether you're interested in history, military strategy, or simply seeking a quiet spot with a view, Akershus Fortress is an important place to visit when exploring Oslo. Its stories and structures speak about the resilience and history of this Nordic nation.

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