Sculpture Park in Oslo

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park in Oslo has over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, including the famous Monolith.

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Vigeland Park, located in Oslo, is a unique outdoor gallery, displaying the extensive work of Gustav Vigeland. This park spans 320,000 square meters (over 3.4 million square feet) and is home to over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite, and wrought iron, making it the largest sculpture park dedicated to a single artist in the world.

Visitors can enter Vigeland Park without a fee all year round, exploring human emotions and experiences through stone and metal figures. At the entrance, the wrought iron gates introduce the artistic skills that unfold further in. The paths lead to the Bridge, which features 58 sculptures, including the well-known Angry Boy, which often stir curiosity and discussions.

In the heart of the park is the Monolith Plateau, where 36 figure groups share different stages of life, centered around the Monolith. This pillar, shaped from a single stone, is 14.12 meters (46.3 feet) tall and displays 121 intertwined human figures, symbolizing togetherness and resilience.

Next to the Monolith, the Wheel of Life consists of a ring of stones, carved with human figures joining hands in an endless loop, showing the ongoing cycle of life.

Vigeland’s work goes beyond simple craftsmanship; it captures the essence of human experiences. Each sculpture tells stories of the complexity of human relationships and feelings, offering scenes that many can relate to. The park is more than just a place for art lovers; it’s a calm green space in the city, ideal for casual visits and walks.

Vigeland Park adds to Oslo’s cultural landscape, offering a meaningful experience for anyone visiting the capital.

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