Open-Air Museum in Oslo

Norwegian Folk Museum

Experience the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo: an open-air museum with over 150 historic buildings and a view into Norwegian traditions.

Explore Norwegian culture at the Norwegian Folk Museum, where the past comes alive through a large collection of buildings and artifacts. This open-air museum, one of Europe's largest, offers a walk through centuries of Norwegian life.

At the Norwegian Folk Museum, visitors explore over 150 traditional houses and structures from all over Norway. The highlight is the Gol Stave Church, from the 13th century, showing medieval architecture. Costumed interpreters demonstrate crafts and daily life from historical periods.

The museum provides a look into Indigenous Sámi culture, with an area dedicated to their traditions. Interactive exhibits, like the Christmas fair and horse-drawn carriage rides, are meant for all ages. A notable display of traditional costumes shows regional differences in textile history.

The Open-Air Museum is enjoyable for visitors. Children can play in the Old Town area, which imitates a typical street scene with shops and a post office. The indoor exhibits focus on the development of Norwegian homes and domestic life from the 16th century onward.

Open year-round and offering different experiences each season, the Norwegian Folk Museum is on the Bygdøy Peninsula, reachable by bus or ferry. It spans over 140,000 square meters, allowing visitors to explore with ease. Whether during summer or winter, the museum reflects the character of Norway.

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