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ABBA The Museum

Immerse yourself in ABBA's history at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, with their real items, a studio, and a special phone event.

ABBA The Museum isn't just a museum; it's an interactive experience that lets you step into the world of Sweden's most famous pop group. Located on Stockholm's Djurgården island, this place honors Swedish music history and the band's important legacy.

At the heart of Stockholm, ABBA The Museum tells the story of the pop sensation with original costumes, instruments, gold records, and unique collectibles. Visitors learn about the band's journey, from their early days to their break. The museum’s hands-on features are a key part, inviting guests to mix original music, sing in an ABBA recording studio, and virtually test out the band’s iconic stage outfits.

ABBA The Museum makes the visitor experience very personal. With a piano linked to Benny Andersson’s, you might even hear a note played by him. The museum uses interactive screens and VR to make the experience even more engaging.

The 'Ring Ring' telephone is a special part of the exhibit; sometimes answered by Agnetha, Björn, Benny, or Anni-Frid. Getting a call from a member of ABBA is an unexpected treat.

The gift shop sells themed items, and the cafe is a spot where you can relax and have some food with a Swedish twist.

ABBA The Museum is a lively tribute to the band, inviting visitors to experience a bit of stardom while recognizing Sweden's contributions to music.

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