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Stockholm's open-air museum and zoo with traditional Swedish life and native animals.

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Stockholm's Skansen is a tribute to Sweden's cultural history and natural scenery. This open-air museum and zoo, founded in 1891, offers a look into the way Swedes lived in the past, with historic buildings and native wildlife on display.

Located on the island of Djurgården, Skansen presents history with its rebuilt homes and workshops. Visitors can observe artisans in traditional clothing demonstrate crafts like glass-blowing and pottery. The museum has more than 150 buildings from all over Sweden, showing life in both the countryside and towns from various times.

Skansen's zoo is home to Scandinavian animals such as moose, bears, lynxes, and more. The zoo is popular with families and shows animals in spaces that mimic their natural living areas.

The museum also puts on seasonal festivals and events that show Swedish traditions. Midsummer, Christmas, and Walpurgis Night are marked with activities that invite visitor involvement and foster an understanding of these customs.

Those who like plants can enjoy the museum's gardens, which show plants from Sweden, ranging from structured displays to wildflowers.

Visiting Skansen is both educational and fun, providing insight into Sweden's past and a chance to experience traditional Scandinavian life and landscapes. Open all year, Skansen presents different things to see and do in each season, from the new growth of spring to the glow of winter lights.

Practical Information: Skansen is open every day, with opening times and admission fees that change with the seasons. Visit the official website for the latest details before you go. Since the museum covers a large area, wear comfortable shoes. For a thorough visit, plan to stay for at least half the day to see everything.

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