The first capital of Sweden.
Kalmar Castle in August 2011, Sweden | Kalmar in Sweden
Image of Kalmar in Sweden
Stadparken i Kalmar | Kalmar in Sweden
A woman walking in Västerlånggatan street.  

En kvinna promenerar på Västerlånggatan. 

Parish (socken): Kalmar
Province (landskap): Småland
Municipality (kommun): Kalmar
County (län): Kalmar

Photograph by: Fredrik Bruno
Date: 1945
Format: Colour slide

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Il castello di Kalmar | Kalmar in Sweden
Kalmar läns Museum sett från Skeppsbron | Kalmar in Sweden
The town square "Stortorget" at the centre of Kalmar, has been a location for political, military and religious representation, and also for commercial transactions in 300 year. Here from left the town hotel "Calmar Stadshotell" in Art Nouveau style, town hall (built 1684-1690) and fire station (built 1760). | Kalmar in Sweden
Rådmannen 6 in Kalmar | Kalmar in Sweden
in the RAÄ buildings database. | Kalmar in Sweden
The Little Square (Lilla Torget) in Kalmar, around which are the old Bishop's Palace (Domprostgården from 1657–1667), the Burgomaster's House (Borgmästaregården) and the Governor's Residence (Länsresidenset from 1676). This neighborhood is one of the best preserved in Kalmar since the houses here are built in stone. The contemporary road sign from 1737 to the left of the Danish house (Danska huset) is a milestone from which all milestones in Kalmar county assumed. The yellow wooden house to the right of Danish house is the oldest of Kalmar. | Kalmar in Sweden
Image of Kalmar in Sweden
i RAÄ:s bebyggelseregister (BBR). | Kalmar in Sweden
Kalmar Central Station | Kalmar in Sweden
Uliczna rzeźba w Kalmarze. Ulica Larmgatan, skwer między ulicami Stationsgatan i Olandsgatan | Kalmar in Sweden
Kalmar Maritime Academy | Kalmar in Sweden
City in 🇸🇪 Sweden with a population of around 35 thousand people.

Kalmar is a small city on Sweden’s southeast coast, facing the Baltic Sea. It’s a pretty town, with a well-preserved medieval centre, and is a popular tourist destination. The city is also home to the country’s third-largest university, which ensures a lively and youthful atmosphere. Kalmar is a convenient base for exploring the picturesque Öland island, just a short ferry ride away, and for trips to the nearby city of Karlskrona, home to Sweden’s largest naval base.


What people say about Kalmar

Kalmar is one of the best Swedish towns to visit during summer. It is a nice town in itself with the castle, nice architecture, city walls, terrific nature and location by the ocean. The food is also better than most places of its size in Sweden. As a bonus, you get easy access to the beautiful island of Öland that is just a ferry ride or a quick drive across over the bridge away.


A stop by the castle is a must and have a beer in one of the restaurants by “Larmtorget”. Lastly, make room for a day or two to visit the island “Öland”.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Kalmar.