The best disc golf destinations in the world

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We wanted to know where to go for the perfect disc golf trip. So we combined UDisc's ratings of more than 14,000 disc golf courses with Humbo's ratings of more than 300,000 destinations. Every single destination on this list offers a range of world-class disc golf courses AND is a great place to visit. Enjoy!

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The best disc golf destination in the world

Minneapolis, Minnesota, has one of the top 10 disc golf courses on the planet as well as a range of other 5-star options. Some courses offer scenic views of the city's lakes and parks, others of the spectacular nature outside the city. All make for beautiful backdrops during games. Minneapolis also has an active disc golf community with regular events and several local disc golf shops.

As if it wasn't enough, there are many reasons to visit Minneapolis apart from losing a disc or two in the Minnesota forests. The city is known for its great restaurants, craft beer, and vibrant cultural scene. There are numerous art galleries, museums, and many world-renowned live music venues and festivals. There are also lots of options for outdoor activities, from hiking in the Chain Of Lakes Park to kayaking on the Mississippi River. The best time to visit Minneapolis is between June and August.

It was not an easy choice, some of the destinations further down the list are definitely contenders, but Minneapolis is the best disc golf destination in the world right now.

The best disc golf courses in and around Minneapolis

Bonus: Chains Edge Disc Golf (#69 in the world) is just 90 minutes away by car.

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