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We wanted to know where to go for the perfect disc golf trip. So we combined UDisc's ratings of more than 14,000 disc golf courses with Humbo's ratings of more than 300,000 destinations. Every single destination on this list offers a range of world-class disc golf courses AND is a great place to visit. Enjoy!

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City in🇺🇸 United Statesrated

The best disc golf destination in the world

Minneapolis, Minnesota, has one of the top 10 disc golf courses on the planet as well as a range of other 5-star options. Some courses offer scenic views of the city's lakes and parks, others of the spectacular nature outside the city. All make for beautiful backdrops during games. Minneapolis also has an active disc golf community with regular events and several local disc golf shops.

As if it wasn't enough, there are many reasons to visit Minneapolis apart from losing a disc or two in the Minnesota forests. The city is known for its great restaurants, craft beer, and vibrant cultural scene. There are numerous art galleries, museums, and many world-renowned live music venues and festivals. There are also lots of options for outdoor activities, from hiking in the Chain Of Lakes Park to kayaking on the Mississippi River. The best time to visit Minneapolis is between June and August.

It was not an easy choice, some of the destinations further down the list are definitely contenders, but Minneapolis is the best disc golf destination in the world right now.

The best disc golf courses in and around Minneapolis

Bonus: Chains Edge Disc Golf (#69 in the world) is just 90 minutes away by car.

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City in🇺🇸 United Statesrated

Disc golf in the Rocky Mountains

Denver, Colorado, is a terrific choice for disc golfers due to its large selection of courses, ranging from beginner to expert. The courses are set up on a variety of terrains, most in very beautiful places. The weather is ideal for disc golfing, with mild temperatures year-round and plenty of sunshine. Denver also has an active disc golf community, with lots of tournaments and leagues to join.

People from all over the world visit Denver for its unique blend of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. Denver provides access to the Rocky Mountains, perfect for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and kayaking. The best time to visit Denver is between April and October.

The best disc golf courses in and around Denver

Bonus: You can reach Twisted Cedars Disc Golf Course (#78 in the world) in 3 hours.

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City in🇸🇪 Swedenrated

The best disc golf destination in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden, is home to several beautiful disc golf courses, including Ale Disc Golf Center, one of Europe's most extensive disc golf facilities that just re-opened after a hiatus. The courses are designed to blend in with the natural environment, providing a unique disc golf experience.

The city has a welcoming disc golf community, with many clubs and tournaments throughout the year. This provides an opportunity for visitors to meet other disc golf enthusiasts and play in organized events. Many of the disc golf courses in Gothenburg are easily accessible by public transportation, making it easy for visitors to get around and explore the city.

Gothenburg is one of the greenest cities in the world, and besides disc golf, there are many other attractions, including the Gothenburg Archipelago, Liseberg Amusement Park, and the Volvo Museum. The live music scene here is also pretty incredible, and a concert at the club Pustervik rarely disappoints. The best time to visit Gothenburg is between May and September.

The best disc golf courses in and around Gothenburg

Bonus: From Gothenburg, you can easily visit two more destinations on this list. Either take a 2-hour drive to Oslo or a 5-hour drive to Stockholm. And for even faster travel, both routes offer direct trains.

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City in🇺🇸 United Statesrated

An iconic city with exciting disc golf

Chicago, Illinois, and its surrounding area, sometimes known as Chicagoland, is a great disc golf destination. From its beautiful parks to its challenging courses, it offers something for everyone. You can choose from wooded courses, open courses, and even courses that are located right in the heart of the city.

Chicago is also an excellent destination for its iconic skyscrapers as well as world-class art, music, and food scenes. As an example, the city is home to more than 50 craft beer breweries, making it a top destination for post-golf beer as well. The best time to visit Chicago is between April and October.

The best disc golf courses in and around Chicago

Bonus: If you are ready for a road trip, Flip City Disc Golf Park (#15 in the world) is 4 hours away. And both Northwood Park Disc Golf Course (#44 in the world) and Silver Creek Disc Golf Park (#80 in the world) are about 2.5 hours away.

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City in🇸🇪 Swedenrated

A beautiful city with the best disc golf course in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, is a beautiful city, especially in summer. It is very green, and the city consists of 14 large islands, meaning water is always nearby. Its top course, Järva Discgolf Park, is Sweden's best-rated disc golf course. Its oldest course, Kärsön, is the oldest in Europe and opened in 1978. There are more than ten other top courses in the area, ranging from beginner-friendly to more challenging.

Stockholm is also home to some of the world's most beautiful architecture, scenic views, and a vast array of museums, galleries, and other attractions. The best time to visit Stockholm is between May and September.

The best disc golf courses in and around Stockholm

Bonus: From Stockholm, you can visit two more destinations on this list. Either take a 5-hour drive to Gothenburg or an overnight ferry to Helsinki.

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City in🇳🇴 Norwayrated

An up-and-coming disc golf destination

Oslo, Norway, has many large and beautiful parks that offer a variety of different terrains to play on. The city is full of well-rated disc golf courses designed to challenge even the most experienced players. The city’s beautiful scenery and natural areas make it a great place to relax and enjoy a round of disc golf.

Oslo offers both top quality, with Krokhol being the second best course worldwide, and volume, with more and more courses appearing each year. Many of them are ambitious, with plans to create world-class facilities. This destination seems destined to climb this list over the next few years.

As a city, Oslo might be lacking a bit compared to some of the other destinations on the list, but the Norwegian capital city is known for its access to stunning natural beauty, with Norway's fjords, mountains, and coastal landscape providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The best time to visit Oslo is between May and September.

The best disc golf courses in and around Oslo

Bonus: Oslo is just a 2-hour drive from Gothenburg, another top disc golf destination on this list. And if you are ready for an adventure, you can take a 6-hour road trip to Øverås Diskgolfpark, ranked #17 in the world and located on the beautiful Norwegian coast. Maybe you make a whole thing out of it and visit Jotunheimen National Park, which is one of The most beautiful national parks in the world.

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City in🇫🇮 Finlandrated

Throw a disc into a lake, get a new one at the supermarket

Helsinki, Finland, has perhaps the world's largest number of disc golf courses per capita. The sport is so popular here that you can buy discs at a regular supermarket. The city also provides beautiful parks and a scenic waterfront, making for a fantastic setting for a round of disc golf. The only thing keeping it down as a disc golf destination is its lower share of 5-star rated courses than other destinations on this list. There are many 4-rated courses offering different types of challenges though.

Helsinki receives a lot of travelers from different countries. Some come to explore the city's rich cultural heritage; others to enjoy Helsinki's vibrant nightlife or experience the city's natural beauty, with its picturesque archipelago islands and its many parks and green spaces. The best time to visit Helsinki is between May and September.

The best disc golf courses in and around Helsinki

Bonus: You can reach Kippasuo Pro DiscGolfPark (#10 in the world!) in about 90 minutes. Helsinki can also be combined with some of the top courses in Estonia, such as Sportland Prodigy Elva Discgolfi Park, Jõulumäe, and Kõrvemaa Discgolfi Park.

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