Karlskrona - Trossö | Karlskrona in Sweden
Old mast-crane on Karlskrona shipyard - navy base | Karlskrona in Sweden
The gunpowder magazines build in granit, Borgmästarfjärden - Västra kruthuset, karlskrona. | Karlskrona in Sweden
The town hall of Karlskrona in December 2008. Picture taken on the steps of the Trinity church. | Karlskrona in Sweden
bell tower (Admiralstorn), Karlskrona | Karlskrona in Sweden
Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan (Church of Holy Trinity), also called The German Church in Karlskrona, Sweden. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Amiralitetskyrkan from southwest. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Karlskrona central station. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Bastion Aurora on kungsbron Karlskrona naval base. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Kungsholms fort, the round-harbour. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Nils Holgersson, statue made by Ralf Borselius in Karlskrona | Karlskrona in Sweden
The poor-box Rosenbom in Karlskrona outside Amiralitetskyrkan, Karlskrona. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Fiskbron, the old harbour in centre of karlskrona | Karlskrona in Sweden
Kungsholms fort - donjon and harbur | Karlskrona in Sweden
Kronobageriet/Beklädnadsförrådet, Stumholmen, Karlskrona | Karlskrona in Sweden
Karlskrona bath-house. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Karlskrona naval base. Mönster och modellsalsbyggnaden | Karlskrona in Sweden
Länsresedenset Karlskrona — Blekinge. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideale, Karlskrona. | Karlskrona in Sweden
Karl XIII (King Charles XIII), Hoglands Park, Karlskrona. | Karlskrona in Sweden
naval museum, Karlskrona | Karlskrona in Sweden
The library building of Blekinge Institute of Technology at Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona, Sweden. | Karlskrona in Sweden
City in 🇸🇪 Sweden with a population of around 35 thousand people.

Karlskrona is a small city in southern Sweden, built on a group of islands in the Baltic Sea. It’s the home of the Swedish navy and is one of the country’s most picturesque spots, with narrow streets winding through a mix of historical buildings and modern architecture. The city is surrounded by forest and there are plenty of outdoor activities on offer, from sailing and swimming to hiking and cycling. Karlskrona is also a great place to eat, with a wide range of restaurants serving everything from traditional Swedish food to Thai and Indian cuisine.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Karlskrona.