Historic estate & hiking in Tjörn

Sundsby Säteri

Sundsby Säteri, Sweden, has history, nature trails, and local markets in peaceful surroundings.

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Sundsby Säteri is a significant part of Swedish history and nature. Located on the western coast of Sweden, this estate dates to the 14th century and offers guests a mix of historical heritage and outdoor activities. A well-known former inhabitant was Margareta Huitfeldt, who ran the estate in the 17th century and is known for her effective management and charity work.

The estate's central building, with its red and white exterior, is the heart of the site and provides insight into Sweden's history. The inside, which is open to the public, displays old furniture and art that describe the estate's long history. Next to the manor is a well-kept English-style park, ideal for relaxed strolls.

There are many hiking trails around Sundsby Säteri, with routes going through green forests and by clear lakes. The paths are suitable for both easy-going walkers and more serious hikers. The longest path, which is about 7 kilometers (4.35 miles), takes you to old ruins and beautiful spots with views of the area.

Culture is alive at Sundsby Säteri, with the estate's barn turned into a market that sells local food, handmade goods, and treats. At the café, located in the old stables, you can enjoy traditional Swedish snacks and dishes made with ingredients from the area.

The story of Sundsby Säteri is filled with interesting events involving nobility, creativity, and the local community. Margareta Huitfeldt, in particular, is remembered not only for being a lady of noble birth but for her advanced social work, like starting schools and helping the poor.

Guests should look up the seasonal hours and events before visiting, as the estate holds various special happenings throughout the year, like guided tours and seasonal markets. It's smart to wear comfortable shoes because of the stone paths and natural trails.

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