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Tjörn Runt

Tjörn Runt is Sweden's largest sailing race. Since 1963, it has gathered sailors for yearly races around Tjörn Island in August.

Tjörn Runt is a must-see regatta that fills the west coast of Sweden with colorful sails each August. Known as the largest annual sailing race in Swedish waters, it brings together sailors of different skill levels. This prestigious event is not just about competition; it's a time to enjoy maritime traditions and the friendly community that has gathered yearly since 1963.

The race, spanning about 28 nautical miles (52 kilometers / 32 miles) around the island of Tjörn, provides a serious test of skill and a treat for those watching. It starts in the waters near the town of Stenungsund and features the spectacular scene of hundreds of sails negotiating the tricky waters of the archipelago, ending at the island's main town, Skärhamn.

What makes Tjörn Runt stand out is its welcoming nature. Sailors of all levels, from professionals to hobbyists, participate, and different types of boats can join. Families often take part on regular sailing boats, while racing teams compete on high-speed yachts.

The race is not the only attraction; community events take over the island. Visitors can sample local food, enjoy music, and view art. The Skärhamn waterfront is lively, providing a look into West Sweden's traditions and warm welcome.

For those with an interest in maritime history, the Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn is a key spot, offering views into Nordic art set against the beautiful island scenery.

Planning a visit to Tjörn Runt is important. Places to stay fill up quickly, and because the weather can change, visitors should bring clothing for both warm and rainy conditions. Watching the race from shore gives great views, but renting a boat can put you right in the middle of the excitement.

Talk with the locals; many enjoy sharing stories of past races and island tales. The race lasts one day, but the new friendships and experiences during this event stay with you much longer. Whether you're a sailing enthusiast or someone who enjoys coastal charm and active traditions, Tjörn Runt reflects the spirit of West Sweden's love for the sea.

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