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Explore Dubno's historic Dubno Castle and traditional Ukrainian cuisine for a taste of Ukraine's rich heritage.

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Dubno, a small but historically significant town in Western Ukraine with roots reaching back to the 9th century. It is home to the Dubno Castle, that have withstood numerous historical sieges. It sits on the banks of the Ikva River and is surrounded by lush forests. The atmosphere of the town reflects a lifestyle that moves at a slower pace compared to bigger cities.

Dubno Castle

The cornerstone of Dubno's historical narrative is the Dubno Castle. Built in the 15th century and continually reinforced over time, this fortress, served as a vital defensive stronghold against attackers over the centuries. Inside, visitors can explore the castle's intricate architecture, including thick walls, towers, and an underground tunnel system. also hosts a museum of medieval armor and weaponry, and a museum of tortures for those go after the thrill.

Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

Dubno's eateries serve traditional Ukrainian cuisine that is both hearty and satisfying. Dishes such as borscht (a beetroot soup), varenyky (stuffed dumplings), and holubtsi (cabbage rolls) are staple offerings that reflect the culinary heritage of the region. Beware though that it might be difficult to find vegetarian options, as the traditional Ukrainian cuisine is rich in pork, chicken and beef. Good vegetarian options might include varenyky with potatoes, or varenyky with cherries.

Religious Sites

The town's landscape is dotted with numerous religious sites that signify the intertwined history of faith and community in Dubno. One can find dozens of big and small Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant churches, functioning or abandoned, built at different time ranging from 17th century. The biggest Orthodox churches are Holy Intercession Cathedral and The Bernardine Church and Monastery (now the Mykolaiv Church).

Outskirts: Tarakaniv Fort

Not far from the town lies the Tarakaniv Fort. This fortress, which now stands in ruins, was used in First World War and offers a tangible connection to the area's military past. Trekking to this decaying marvel makes for an intriguing afternoon activity. If you go on Sunday, odds are you will be interupting a wedding photoshoot as many locals like to make epic wedding photos in the Fort.

Getting Around Dubno

Public transportation in Dubno includes buses and minibuses, which navigate through the town and its outskirts. For maximum convenience, you might consider renting a car or using taxis, which are quite affordable by Western standards.

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