Public Park in Boston

Boston Public Garden

Explore America's first public botanical garden, featuring the iconic Swan Boats, diverse plant displays, historical statues, and walking paths.

Situated in the heart of Boston, the Public Garden is America's first public botanical garden. Its well-manicured landscape, punctuated by the famous Swan Boats gliding across the lagoon, provides a pleasant contrast to the bustling city streets. Visitors can enjoy the array of plant life, statues, and the historic George Washington Statue, which stands at the garden's Arlington Street gate.

The Swan Boats

One of the most charming experiences in the Public Garden is a ride on the Swan Boats. Since their debut in 1877, these pedal-powered boats have become a symbol of the city. Operating from April to September, the boats offer a leisurely ride around the Public Garden's lagoon. It's a favorite among families and visitors looking to embrace a piece of Boston's tradition.

Plant Life and Seasonal Displays

The Public Garden's plant life is diverse and meticulously maintained, with flower beds that change with the seasons, ensuring each visit can offer a new experience. From tulips in the spring to vibrant annuals in the summer and colorful foliage in the autumn, there's always something in bloom. The garden staff put effort into creating themed floral patterns, sometimes recognizing city events or historical dates.

Statues and Memorials

Walking through the park, you will encounter several statues and memorials. Besides the prominent George Washington Statue at Arlington Street, you can also find the 'Make Way for Ducklings' statue, which is based on the popular children's book by Robert McCloskey. Another notable sculpture is the Ether Monument, also known as the Good Samaritan, which commemorates the use of ether in anesthesia.

Leisure and Events

Boston Public Garden is not only a botanical haven but also a social space where people come to unwind. Winding walking paths invite leisurely strolls or brisk walks, while ample benches offer spots for relaxation. Throughout the year, the Garden serves as a backdrop for events such as wedding photoshoots, community gatherings, and public performances that add to the vibrancy of this green oasis.

Getting There

Located at 4 Charles St., Boston Public Garden is easily accessible by public transport or car. The nearest subway stops are Arlington on the Green Line and Boylston on the Green Line as well. For those driving, there are several parking garages nearby, though spots can be in demand during peak visiting hours.

Nearby Attractions and Cultural Sites

For those looking to extend their experience, the Boston Public Garden is adjacent to Boston Common—the oldest city park in the United States. Beyond that, a short walk will bring you to Beacon Hill, known for its beautiful Federal-style rowhouses and historic sites like the Massachusetts State House. The Freedom Trail also starts nearby, offering a journey through Boston's rich history.

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