Aquarium in Boston

New England Aquarium

Explore marine life at the New England Aquarium with its Giant Ocean Tank, interactive touch tanks, IMAX Theatre, and whale watching tours.

The New England Aquarium in Boston is a waterfront landmark offering an array of aquatic experiences. Home to thousands of aquatic animals, from the playful penguin colony to the formidable lionfish and the elusive leafy sea dragons, the facility emphasizes both entertainment and education. Its centerpiece is the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef exhibit teeming with hundreds of Caribbean sea creatures. Visitors can also embark on a whale watch or enjoy the Simons IMAX Theatre for an immersive oceanic film experience.

Giant Ocean Tank

The heart of the New England Aquarium, the Giant Ocean Tank, stands as a marvel of engineering and a visual feast. This massive exhibit houses a 200,000-gallon ecosystem that replicates a Caribbean coral reef. Visitors can observe over a thousand marine animals, including sea turtles, reef fishes, and stingrays, as they make their winding ascent around the tank's spiraling ramp. Take note of Myrtle, the beloved green sea turtle, who has made the tank her home for decades.

Penguin Colony

Another highlight is the Penguin Colony, comprising species such as the African penguin and the rockhopper penguin. Watch as these charismatic birds dive and glide through their specially designed exhibit. This area not only provides entertainment but also serves to educate about penguin behavior and the ongoing conservation efforts to protect these species in the wild.

Touch Tanks and Interactive Exhibits

A truly hands-on experience awaits at the touch tanks, where tactile encounters with sea stars, urchins, and other tide pool creatures provide an up-close view of marine life. Interactive exhibits throughout the aquarium offer additional learning opportunities about the animals' habitats and the environmental challenges they face.

Simons IMAX Theatre

Incorporating technology for a cinematic immersion, the Simons IMAX Theatre presents films that transport you beneath the waves, exploring realms seldom seen by the public. With a screen that soars five stories high and employs state-of-the-art sound systems, this theatre's documentary screenings are a must-do for visitors seeking an extended dive into ocean science and storytelling.

Atlantic Harbor Seals Exhibit

Before even entering the main building, visitors are greeted by the playful Atlantic Harbor Seals exhibit. Visible from the aquarium's plaza, this exhibit allows for an engaging introduction to some of New England's local marine inhabitants. Watch as seals navigate through their watery environment with agility and grace.

Whale Watch Tours

Departing from Central Wharf, which is adjacent to the aquarium, seasonal whale watch tours provide an unforgettable ocean adventure. In partnership with Boston Harbor City Cruises, these guided tours venture into the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, offering the chance to spot humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales, and more in their natural habitat.

Accessibility and Visitor Amenities

The New England Aquarium is committed to accessibility for all guests, ensuring that experiences are available for visitors with different needs. Elevators are available for those who require them, and service animals are welcome. The Aquarium also includes amenities like dining options where visitors can grab a meal or a snack to refuel during their visit.

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