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California Academy of Sciences

Explore diverse ecosystems and the universe at the California Academy of Sciences, featuring a rainforest, aquarium, and planetarium.

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Sciences is a multifaceted institution dedicated to exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on Earth. It combines an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and natural history museum under one living roof. Visitors can witness a stunning coral reef ecosystem, journey through a four-story rainforest, and get a glimpse of the universe at one of the most technologically advanced planetariums in the world. The academy also focuses on research and education, offering engaging exhibits and programs that bridge the gap between scientific discovery and public understanding.

The Rainforest Dome Experience

At the California Academy of Sciences, the Osher Rainforest exhibit stands out as a can't-miss experience. Enclosed in a 90-foot glass dome, this living rainforest is home to free-flying birds and butterflies, as well as exotic reptiles and amphibians. Visitors can walk along the spiraling pathway that takes them through the lush, simulated environments of Borneo, Madagascar, Costa Rica, and the Amazonian flooded forest. It's an immersion into diverse ecosystems where one can observe the unique flora and fauna up close.

Steinhart Aquarium

Beneath your feet, the Steinhart Aquarium invites you to explore the aquatic world. With over 900 different species on display, the aquarium includes the Philippine Coral Reef, one of the world's largest indoor coral reef exhibits. Guests can encounter Claude, the famous albino alligator, and a variety of sharks. Daily scheduled feedings give visitors insight into the habits and characteristics of marine life.

Morrison Planetarium

The Morrison Planetarium is a cornerstone of the California Academy of Sciences. Equipped with a 75-foot dome screen and state-of-the-art projection technology, it offers immersive space shows that transport you beyond Earth to explore our universe. The planetarium also provides educational experiences that explain current space research and astronomy.

The Living Roof and its Environmental Significance

Visitors should not miss the Academy's living roof, an architectural marvel, and a testament to sustainable design. The 2.5-acre roof hosts an array of native plant species and provides habitat for local wildlife. It is an essential part of the building’s energy-efficient system. Tours are available to learn about its ecological benefits, such as reducing urban heat island effect and managing stormwater.

Natural History Museum

The Academy’s Natural History Museum gives you a glimpse into Earth’s past with engaging exhibits on dinosaurs, rare gems and minerals, and African wildlife. Notable is the Tusher African Hall which features dioramas that showcase these diverse habitats. The museum also offers insight into human evolution and showcases an array of fossils that detail life's history on our planet.

Educational Programs and Workshops

The California Academy of Sciences is dedicated to education, offering a wealth of workshops and programs designed to inspire all ages. From young explorers to adults interested in science, there are various hands-on activities, talks, and educational events that foster learning and curiosity about the natural world.

NightLife Events for Adults

Every Thursday evening, the Academy transforms into a venue for its NightLife events, tailored for an adult audience. It's an opportunity to experience the exhibits after hours with unique themes, music, food, and drinks. This weekly event allows adult guests to explore science in a different light.

Accessibility and Visitor Services

The California Academy of Sciences is committed to accessibility for all visitors. All exhibits are wheelchair accessible and service animals are welcome. There are various visitor services available including dining options like The Terrace Restaurant and Café, rest areas, and a coat check facility.

Research and Conservation Initiatives

As a leader in conservation efforts, the Academy conducts research in various fields such as biodiversity, evolution, and ecology. Visitors can learn about these initiatives through specific exhibits or by participating in citizen science projects that contribute to ongoing research.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Finally, when planning your visit, consider purchasing tickets in advance online to save time. The California Academy of Sciences is popular and can get crowded, especially on weekends. Checking the schedule for daily events like feeding times or talks can help you make the most out of your visit. Remember to wear comfortable shoes as there’s much to explore!

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