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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Explore modern art at SFMOMA with 33,000+ works, interactive exhibits, educational tours, and a unique living wall in San Francisco's core.

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is a leading destination for modern and contemporary art lovers. Renowned for its striking architecture and an extensive collection that spans painting, sculpture, photography, and media arts, SFMOMA also offers visitors the chance to engage with interactive installations and thought-provoking exhibitions. The museum's living wall, an expansive vertical garden, adds a touch of nature to the urban landscape. Whether you're seeking to explore works by world-famous artists or discover emerging talent, SFMOMA provides a dynamic and enriching cultural experience.

The SFMOMA Collection and Special Exhibitions

Delving into SFMOMA's collection, visitors will encounter an impressive range of over 33,000 works. The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection is particularly noteworthy, encompassing a large number of significant pieces from towering figures in art such as Andy Warhol and Alexander Calder. The museum's commitment to diversity is seen in its efforts to feature works by artists of various backgrounds, including an array of pieces by emerging talents and lesser-known practitioners. To ensure you don't miss out on new additions or traveling exhibitions, check the museum's calendar ahead of your visit for details on current offerings.

Educational Programs and Guided Tours

For those looking to deepen their understanding of modern art, SFMOMA offers a variety of educational programs and guided tours. The museum's educational initiatives cater to all ages and include artist talks, gallery tours, and workshops. These programs are designed to engage visitors and provide insights into the creative processes behind the works on display. Tailored tours conducted by knowledgeable guides can significantly enhance your museum experience, as they offer historical context and artistic interpretation that you might not easily glean on your own.

Public Spaces and Outdoor Terrace

One of the most distinctive features of SFMOMA is its public spaces – inviting areas where visitors can relax and reflect. The outdoor terrace on the fifth floor provides a panoramic view of the city and is an excellent spot to take a break during your visit. The space also houses the striking living wall, which boasts over 19,000 plants and is a beautiful example of integrating nature into urban design. It contributes to the museum's relaxing atmosphere and offers a unique visual complement to the art inside.

Dining Options

Dining at SFMOMA is an extension of the museum's artistic experience with several options on-site. Café 5, conveniently located next to the sculpture garden on the fifth floor, serves local, sustainable fare in a casual atmosphere. For a more refined culinary experience, visitors can enjoy the contemporary offerings at In Situ, the museum’s acclaimed restaurant which has crafted a rotating menu inspired by dishes from all over the world.

Accessibility and Visitor Services

SFMOMA is dedicated to being accessible to all visitors. The museum offers wheelchairs free of charge, service animals are welcome, and there are various programs available for those with differing abilities, including ASL-interpreted tours and verbal description tours. Visitor services also include free Wi-Fi throughout the museum, lockers for storing personal items, and a bookstore where you can purchase souvenirs or books to remember your visit.

Tips for Visitors

To make the most of your visit to SFMOMA, purchase tickets in advance online for expedited entry. The museum is typically quieter in the mornings and on weekdays, providing a more intimate viewing experience. Membership options are available for those who plan multiple visits and include perks like unlimited free admission and invitations to members-only events. Keep an eye on special offers; for example, admission for individuals aged 18 and under is free, making it an affordable outing for families.

Visitors should note that public transportation is a convenient way to reach SFMOMA. Located near several Muni Metro stops and just a short walk from the Montgomery Street BART station, the museum is easily accessible without the need for a car. For those driving, parking is available in nearby garages; however, spaces are limited and fees apply.

To ensure a smooth visit, familiarize yourself with the museum's guidelines prior to arrival, such as restrictions on photography or bringing in large bags. These measures are in place to protect the artwork and ensure all guests enjoy their time at SFMOMA.

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