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Explore the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for its diverse artwork collections and striking architecture. Enjoy exhibits, programs, and outdoor art.

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The High Museum of Art in Atlanta stands out as the leading art museum in the southeastern United States, showcasing a diverse collection that spans from classic to contemporary works. The museum's distinctive architecture, designed by Richard Meier and later expanded by Renzo Piano, provides a visually stunning backdrop for its exhibits. Visitors can explore a multitude of galleries featuring American art, European paintings, decorative arts, and African art, as well as enjoy an array of special exhibitions and educational programs.

Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

The High Museum of Art hosts an impressive and varied collection. Visitors can view American art across various eras, including a notable collection of 19th and 20th-century pieces. European art lovers will appreciate the extensive gallery that includes works from decorative arts to classic paintings. The museum also dedicates substantial space to African art, showcasing artifacts and contemporary pieces that highlight the diversity and history of various African cultures.

In addition to the permanent displays, the High frequently introduces temporary exhibitions that cover a range of themes and artistic movements. These limited-time displays offer guests a chance to experience rare collections and unique collaborations from around the world.

Family and Educational Programs

For families and educational groups, the High Museum of Art provides a selection of programs designed to engage visitors of all ages. From interactive storytelling sessions and art-making workshops to teen-only events, these programs are tailored to inspire and educate budding artists and art enthusiasts. School groups can take advantage of guided tours that align with curriculum standards, making a visit to the museum both enjoyable and educational.

Accessibility for Visitors

Accessibility is a priority at the High Museum. All galleries and facilities are accessible to wheelchair users and others with mobility challenges. The museum also offers resources like wheelchairs for those who may need them during their visit. Additionally, services such as audio tours and sign language interpretations ensure that visitors with hearing or vision impairments can fully enjoy their time at the museum.

Outdoor Installations and Sculptures

Surrounding the museum, visitors will find various outdoor installations and sculptures that enhance the museum experience. These pieces are thoughtfully placed around the museum's plaza and gardens, offering guests an opportunity to enjoy art in an outdoor setting. These works reflect the museum's commitment to presenting art in accessible, public spaces.

Visitor Amenities and Facilities

Visitors can take advantage of several amenities to make their visit comfortable. The Museum has a café offering a selection of food and beverages where guests can relax and refresh. A well-stocked gift shop provides a variety of souvenirs, books, and prints for those wanting to take home a memento of their visit.

The Surrounding Midtown Atlanta Neighborhood

The High Museum of Art is conveniently situated in Midtown Atlanta, providing an enjoyable continuation of the cultural experience beyond the museum's walls. The Midtown area is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and other cultural attractions like The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Visitors can easily spend a full day in the area exploring the vibrant surroundings.

Collaboration with Other Cultural Institutions

Lastly, the High Museum of Art often collaborates with other cultural institutions to bring new perspectives and experiences to its visitors. Whether through joint exhibitions or shared programming with organizations such as the nearby Alliance Theatre or the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, these collaborations enrich Atlanta's cultural landscape and provide visitors with comprehensive cultural experiences.

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