Architectural Landmark in Vienna


Discover Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna's uniquely uneven, colorful residential complex with a lush rooftop garden and eco-friendly design.

In the heart of Vienna stands Hundertwasserhaus, a residential building transformed into an architectural curiosity. Created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this vibrant complex shuns the straight line with its undulating floors, a mosaic of colorful facades, and unique window shapes. The building stands out with its lush rooftop garden, and is a living example of an eco-friendly design that challenges traditional architecture.

Visitor Experience at Hundertwasserhaus

The architectural design of Hundertwasserhaus alone makes it a must-see attraction in Vienna. As you walk through this artistic marvel, you'll notice the absence of any straight lines, a deliberate choice by Hundertwasser who believed that straight lines were sterile and soulless. Visitors can explore the colorful complex and witness the irregular forms of windows, which Hundertwasser thought should be as unique as the individual. Take note, however, that entry into the building itself is not permitted as it remains a private residence to many people.

Guided tours are available outside the building that delve into Hundertwasser's vision and his philosophy on architecture and ecology. You can learn about the history of its creation while considering what it must be like to live in such a unique structure. These tours often meet near the building and can provide personal listening devices to ensure you catch every detail.

Getting There and Transportation Options

Located in the 3rd district of Vienna, Hundertwasserhaus is very accessible by public transportation. You can take the tram line O and get off at the "Kegelgasse" stop, which is a brief walk from the complex. Alternatively, buses serve the area regularly, and a nearby U-Bahn (subway) station is located at Landstraße-Wien Mitte, connecting you to various parts of the city.

Impact on Local Community and the KUNST HAUS WIEN Museum

The vibrant design and ethos of Hundertwasserhaus have had a positive impact on the local community and have encouraged a more eco-friendly approach to urban living. Adjacent to Hundertwasserhaus is the KUNST HAUS WIEN Museum, also designed by Hundertwasser. It hosts an impressive permanent collection of his work and temporary exhibitions of other avant-garde artists. The museum extends the architectural theme with uneven floors and a verdant courtyard complete with trees growing out of windows.

Dining and Shopping in the Area

Around Hundertwasserhaus, there are various dining options that cater to different tastes and preferences. From cozy cafes with outdoor seating to enjoy a warm cup of coffee to traditional Viennese restaurants serving local cuisine, there's something for every visitor.

For shopping enthusiasts, there's the Hundertwasser Village opposite the house, where you can browse through a collection of shops selling souvenirs and crafts. Here, you can pick up a memento inspired by Hundertwasser's art, from postcards and posters to books that delve into his eclectic style.

Seasonal Events and Best Time to Visit

While Hundertwasserhaus is an all-year-round destination, visiting during Christmas time offers an extra sparkle. The nearby Christmas markets make for an enchanting Vienna experience with their festive atmosphere, traditional gifts, and seasonal treats. Spring and summer months offer pleasant weather to wander around and enjoy the building’s exterior gardens at their most lush.

Visitors should always respect the privacy of Hundertwasserhaus residents by refraining from loud noise and intrusive behavior. It’s essential to remember that while it is a significant tourist attraction, it is also a place people call home.

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