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Explore historic Prater in Vienna: from the iconic 1897 Giant Ferris Wheel to diverse rides, green spaces, and enjoyable eateries.

Prater in Vienna is where entertainment meets history. Opened in 1766 as a public leisure space, it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Prater is home to the Giant Ferris Wheel, an enduring symbol of the city skyline since 1897, and offers a wide range of rides and attractions for all ages. With its old-time charm and modern thrills, Prater encapsulates the spirit of Viennese amusement.

Giant Ferris Wheel

A visit to Prater would be incomplete without a ride on the historic Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad). Providing panoramic views of Vienna from its 64.75-meter high apex, the wheel remains a must-see. The cabins, available for public rides or private dinners, offer a unique vantage point day or night.

Attractions and Rides for All Ages

Prater brims with attractions beyond the Giant Ferris Wheel. For adrenaline enthusiasts, the Prater Tower swings riders 117 meters into the air, while the Megablitz roller coaster delivers high-speed turns. At the same time, younger visitors can enjoy rides like the merry-go-round or the Liliputbahn miniature steam train that tours the greenery of Prater.

Culinary Delights within Prater

After working up an appetite on the rides, visitors are greeted with a variety of culinary options. From classic Viennese Schnitzel at Schweizerhaus to sweet treats like cotton candy and Punsch-Donuts, Prater's food stands cater to diverse tastes.

Seasonal Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year, Prater becomes the backdrop for events such as Halloween celebrations, Christmas markets, and summer concerts. These seasonal festivities provide additional entertainment options, transforming the amusement park's atmosphere to align with the occasion.

Family-Friendly Amenities

Families will appreciate amenities such as rentable strollers, accessible restrooms, and designated picnic areas. Playgrounds are scattered throughout the park, allowing pauses between attractions where kids can play and adults rest.

Getting There

Accessibility is straightforward, with efficient public transportation options. The Praterstern railway station is served by multiple lines, making it easy for visitors to arrive at the amusement park. Once there, walking and a small internal train system provide unhindered movement around Prater.

Value for Money

While entrance to Prater itself is free, individual attractions have their ticket prices. Visitors can decide per ride or purchase a Prater Card, which provides a pay-one-price deal for many attractions. This flexibility allows visitors to manage their budget according to their interests and time available.

Green Spaces

For those seeking a moment of calm, Prater also encompasses vast green spaces. The park's green areas, such as Prater Hauptallee, are dotted with trees and benches and are perfect for leisurely strolls or simply enjoying nature in the heart of the city.

Local Atmosphere

The vibe of Prater is as varied as its visitors—from excited groups of friends and families to couples enjoying a romantic walk. As evening falls, the park comes alive with colorful lights and music from live bands or djs that set a lively scene at establishments like the Pratersauna.

Evening Entertainment

In addition to daytime fun, Prater offers evening entertainment such as bars and dance clubs. With venues like Kolariks Luftburg that serve local beer and traditional Austrian music, nighttime at Prater caters to adults looking for relaxation or a night out in Vienna.

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