Diamond city dancing on the equator's edge.

Kisangani, the 'City at the Bend' of Congo River, is rich in colonial history, home to impressive Boyoma Falls.

Welcome to Kisangani, a key city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Often referred to as the 'City at the Bend' due to its location on a large curve of the Congo River, Kisangani is at the heart of the country's transport and trade.

Kisangani has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. It was a key hub for river transport during the colonial era. Evidence of this can be seen in some of the city's older buildings, many of which feature traditional Belgian architectural styles. However, most of the city's historic architecture was damaged during the six-day war in 2000. Restoration efforts are underway, but progress is slow.

One of the city's main attractions is the Boyoma Falls, a series of seven cataracts spanning the Congo River. The falls are a sight to behold and also serve as a major source of hydroelectric power for the city. Boat tours are available, offering a closer look at these impressive cascades.

If you're interested in local culture, a visit to the Tshopo Provincial Museum is recommended. The museum has a range of exhibits covering the natural and cultural history of the region. You can see traditional Congolese artwork, historical artifacts and learn about the local flora and fauna.

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