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Astronomical Clock

Prague's Astronomical Clock, from 1410, has an astronomy dial and hourly shows of apostles.

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The Astronomical Clock in Prague is a testament to medieval skill. Placed on the Old Town City Hall since 1410, this clock is a complex instrument that has kept time through the years.

The Astronomical Clock, or Orloj, draws attention with its detailed dials and animated figures. Its main feature is an astronomical dial, indicating the positions of the sun and moon. Above this, each hour, the twelve apostles appear, drawing visitors from around the world.

The clock's mechanics are notable, but the hourly Clock Tower Show catches the eye of onlookers. Crowds gather, waiting for the bell that starts the procession. The figures of Death marking time, along with Vanity and Greed, perform a silent play about time's ongoing march.

The tower, standing 69.5 meters (228 feet) above Prague, offers a great view, with the Vltava River winding through historic sights.

To learn more about the clock, visit the inside of the Old Town Hall. There, the Orloj's six-century-old engineering is on exhibit. The calendar dial under the astronomical face, with images representing the months, is also important to see.

Despite repairs, the Astronomical Clock remains as a symbol of Prague's appeal and dedication to maintaining its history. It is a cultural item that weaves Prague's historical tale with the patterns of today.

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