Cold beers in the capital of Moravia.

Explore Brno, Czechia's lively student city, home to the largest ossuary in Europe, the Spilberk Castle, and the birthplace of modern genetics.

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Welcome to Brno, Czechia's second-largest city! Known for its enduring student spirit and eventful history, this city is also the birthplace of Gregor Mendel, the 'father of genetics'.

Brno is a city that quietly surprises you. While its size is not impressive, the city has an impressive array of interesting spots. For instance, the Spilberk Castle - a former prison and now a museum with an impressive view over the city. A short distance away is the Brno Ossuary, home to the remains of around 50,000 people, making it the second-largest ossuary in Europe. And let's not forget about the Villa Tugendhat, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a masterpiece of functionalist architecture.

The city's public transport system is efficient and punctual, making it easy to navigate the city. The local cuisine is hearty and delicious, with a hint of Austrian influence. Be sure to try the Czech beer as it's widely celebrated - and for a good reason!

Local traditions in Brno are fun to participate in. Each December, the streets come alive with Christmas markets, an experience that's hard to forget. Also, Ignis Brunensis, an international firework competition held in June, brings together participants from various countries and is truly a spectacle.

Brno’s history is filled with interesting turns. In the 13th century, it was an important trading post. During World War II, it suffered heavy bombing but managed to maintain its charm. Today, its universities give it a youthful vibe, with students making up a substantial portion of the population.

Despite its rich history and fun events, Brno doesn't get swept up in its own hype. It remains a down-to-earth city where locals and visitors alike enjoy the slow pace of life. It's not a city that tries to impress, yet it does so with its charm and liveliness.

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