City Square in Prague

Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague has the historic Astronomical Clock, the Jan Hus Monument, and a mix of old and baroque buildings.

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Old Town Square, the heart of Prague, is a mix of architectural styles, full of history and cultural events. This historic plaza is known for its blend of medieval and baroque buildings, with the famous Astronomical Clock ringing every hour.

Old Town Square stands as a symbol of Prague’s identity. At its center, the Jan Hus Monument honors the influential reformer, reflecting the city's history. Each corner of the square has a story, from the pointed towers of the Týn Church to the detailed fronts of the nearby buildings.

Visitors gather to watch the Astronomical Clock's show as it marks each hour, a tradition since the 15th century. This clock displays the time and the positions of the sun and moon, an impressive work. The Old Town Hall provides views of the city from its 70-meter (230 feet) tall tower. Climbing to the top offers a look over the clay-colored rooftops and narrow streets of Prague.

Throughout the year, Old Town Square is the site of seasonal markets, winter months including festive decorations and booths, while summer fills the space with outdoor seating for cafes and street performers. Here, the traditional atmosphere meets daily life for locals and the interest of visitors.

For a quiet moment, step inside St. Nicholas Church, where sunlight shines through stained glass windows, brightening the inside. As you walk, the paved pathways lead to small roads and comfortable restaurants offering Czech food.

Old Town Square is a living piece of history, allowing visitors to see the ongoing legacy of time and culture in Prague's central area.

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