Baroque beauty marinated in beer.

A city with vibrant student life, distinctive cheese, and the grand UNESCO-listed Holy Trinity Column.

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Welcome to Olomouc, Czechia's understated city, famous for its 35,000-strong student population and the grand Holy Trinity Column, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Olomouc, once the capital of Moravia, stands out for its rich history. One can witness this in the city's architecture with buildings dating from different periods. The Holy Trinity Column, an impressive Baroque monument built in the 18th century, is a symbol of the city. It is the largest group of Baroque statues within a single sculpture in Central Europe. Another piece of history that stands tall is the Olomouc Castle, one of the most significant landmarks in Olomouc. The castle complex includes Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, which has the tallest spire in Moravia.

The Olomouc City Museum offers a closer look at the city's history and houses the Olomouc Astronomical Clock, a rare example of a Socialist Realist timepiece. The clock was rebuilt in the 1950s in the Socialist Realist style after being heavily damaged at the end of World War II.

With a vibrant student population, the city has an active nightlife with many cafes and pubs. It is also home to Palacký University, one of the oldest in Central Europe, which adds to the young and lively atmosphere of Olomouc.

The locals take their food seriously. Cheese from Olomouc or 'Olomoucké tvarůžky' is a must-try for food lovers. It's a ripened soft cheese with a strong aroma and distinctive taste.

Being a city with a rich cultural life, Olomouc hosts various festivals throughout the year, including the Autumn Festival of Sacred Music and the Film and Theatre Festival.

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