Doubravka | Plzeň in Czechia
Creative zone in Pilsen | Plzeň in Czechia
Pilsen main railway station | Plzeň in Czechia
Plzeň 12.3.2012 | Plzeň in Czechia
Historical renaissance city hall on the náměstí Republiky in Plzeň. | Plzeň in Czechia
Nové divadlo v Plzni - téměř dokončené | Plzeň in Czechia
Plzeň, Západočeské muzeum. | Plzeň in Czechia
Am Platz der Republik, Vordergrund Pestsäule | Plzeň in Czechia
Research Library in Pilsen | Plzeň in Czechia
Západočeská Univerzita V Plzni | Plzeň in Czechia
City of Plzeň, Czech Republic. Pilsen, Tschechien.

The "great synagogue" in the city of Plzeň, Czech Republic. 3rd largest synagogue in the world.

Synagoge in Pilsen, Tschechien. | Plzeň in Czechia
Divadlo Josefa Kajetána Tyla v Plzní. | Plzeň in Czechia
Památník osvobození Plzně americkou armádou v květnu 1945 na křižovatce U Práce. | Plzeň in Czechia
City in 🇨🇿 Czechia with a population of around 170 thousand people.

One of the Czech Republic’s prettiest and most underrated cities, Plzeň is a must-see for lovers of beer and architecture. The city’s main square is a stunner, ringed by gothic and renaissance buildings and crowned by the imposing town hall. The old town is packed with narrow streets and atmospheric squares, overlooked by churches and dominated by the towering spires of the cathedral. Beer lovers will want to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, just outside the city centre, while art lovers should check out the Škoda Museum, one of the country’s best. Plzeň is also a great place to eat, with a wealth of restaurants serving up traditional Czech cuisine.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Plzeň.