Der Süden Berchtesgadens mit Hauptbahnhof, von der Ortsmitte aus gesehen´. | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden, Westfassade der Stiftskirche St. Peter und Johannes der Täufer. | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Stiftskirche und Pfarrkirche in Berchtesgaden, vom Fuße des Lockstein aus gesehen. | Berchtesgaden in Germany

Der Watzmann
 | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden | Berchtesgaden in Germany
von Nordosten: Watzmann (re), Watzmannfrau (li), dazwischen das Watzmannkar mit den Watzmannkindern; ganz rechts Hochkalter, dazwischen Wimbachgries; (klassischer Watzmannblick vom Lockstein 684 m / Berchtesgaden); vorne: Neue Kirchleitnkapelle am Lockstein | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Das Ehrenmal in Berchtesgaden als Wandgemälde. Die Tafeln mit der Gefallenen hängen im Bogengang | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Die Wallfahrtskirche Maria Gern | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Christuskirche, 1899 | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Stationen des Kalvarienbergs, erbaut 1760 in Berchtesgaden von Fürstpropst Michael Balthasar von Christalnigg  († 1768) | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden, inside the Obersalzberg Documentation Center, upper level. At the far end is a videoroom featuring interviews of Berchtesgaden residents. | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Sportplatz des TSV Berchtesgaden | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden with a view of Mount Watzmann in Germany | Berchtesgaden in Germany
View of Berchtesgaden towards the Königssee | Berchtesgaden in Germany
This is the so called 'Kehlsteinhaus' on the Obersalzberg in Bavaria, Germany. To some people it might be known as "Eagle's Nest". It was used by Hitler as a house to show off to visiting dignitaries, but he visited it probably only 20 times.

The house can not be reached by private car, only by bus transportation, by foot or bicycle. The road is impressive, and not for the faint of heart. It stops about 140meter below the house, the house itself can be reached by a steep walk, or riding an elevator which itself can only be reached by a long tunnel. The whole complex is an impressive construction which in combination with the incredible view makes it worth a visit!P7164234 | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Die Berchtesgadener Pfarrkirche St. Andreas | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Hilgerkapelle, erbaut 1725 in Berchtesgaden | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Die Kirche des Franziskanerklosters Berchtesgaden | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden Innenstadt | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Kurgarten, Königliches Schloss und Stiftskirche Berchtesgaden | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Brunnen Knabe mit Ferkel in Berchtesgaden, Bildhauer und Datierung unbekannt | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Steilstrecke der Bahnstrecke Freilassing–Berchtesgaden kurz vor Hallthurm | Berchtesgaden in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 8 thousand people.

Berchtesgaden is a small town in the Bavarian Alps, Germany. It is most famous as the location of Adolf Hitler's mountain home, the Berghof. The town is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden National Park. The town is a popular tourist destination, with many shops, restaurants and hotels. The area is also popular for winter sports, hiking and mountain biking.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in May during the day in Berchtesgaden.