Behördenhaus (heute Finanzamt) am Freiheitsplatz in Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Hanau, Stadtteil Kesselstadt, Schloss Philippsruhe | Hanau in Germany
Freiheitsplatz | Hanau in Germany
Congress Park Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Rathaus am Marktplatz | Hanau in Germany
Wilhelmstraße | Hanau in Germany
Wochenmarkt vor dem historischen Rathaus | Hanau in Germany
Kuranlage Wilhelmsbad, Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Goldschmiedehaus Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Marienkirche in der Altstadt | Hanau in Germany
Hanau Bruder Grimm | Hanau in Germany
Bahnhof Hanau-Wilhelmsbad | Hanau in Germany
Port of Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Hanau, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus am Altstädter Markt, auch „Altstädter Rathaus“ genannt. Baubeginn war 1537/38. Das Gebäude diente früher als Rathaus und beherbergt heute das Museum für Goldschmiedekunst | Hanau in Germany
Bait ul Wahid Moschee, Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Romantisches Schloss Philippsruhe in Hanau am Main, mit Springbrunnen nach Sonnenuntergang | Hanau in Germany
Dome tent in Amphitheater Hanau | Hanau in Germany
Hanau Schloss Philippsruhe | Hanau in Germany
Nürnberger Straße | Hanau in Germany
Am Altstädter Markt | Hanau in Germany
Stadtmauer (Hanau) | Hanau in Germany
Rosenstraße | Hanau in Germany
Battle of Hanau (30-31 October 1813), took part between Austro-Bavarian forces and French forces. This scene illustrates the attack of the Austro-Bavarian cavalry charging the French Grand Battery. Commanding the French Grand Battery is General Antoine Drouot (depicted on the right side of the painting, with an Austrian cavalryman meaning to strike him down). It also illustrates the French Guard cavalry countercharging the enemy cavalry, with its commander, General Nansouty (illustrated on the left-centre of the painting, with his back to the viewer) directing operations. | Hanau in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 90 thousand people.

Hanau is a small city in the German state of Hesse, located on the river Main. It is best known as the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, who collected and published many of the world's best-known fairy tales. The city is also home to the European School of Management and Technology, the only business school in Germany accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Hanau.