View from Halde Hoheward direction southeast | Herne in Germany
Akademie Mont-Cenis in Herne, Germany, a glass covered building on wooden pillars with buildings for education, living, meeting halls, and a library inside. More than a half of the glass panes on top and south and west side have solar cells for producing electric energy. | Herne in Germany
Evonik-Steinkohlenkraftwerk in Herne Baukau, Blick über das Emschertal nach Westnordwest mit den Herner Stadtteilen Sodingen und Baukau | Herne in Germany
The WMA (Westphalian Museum of Archeology) at Herne, Germany. | Herne in Germany
The east side of the trainstation and taxi places in Herne, Germany | Herne in Germany
Schloss Strünkede, Herne, Schlosskapelle, das älteste erhaltene Gebäude in Herne | Herne in Germany
This is a photograph of an architectural monument., no. 0 | Herne in Germany
Herne, Schuhgeschäft in Kirchturm der Bonifatiuskirche, Fußgängerzone (Bahnhofstraße) | Herne in Germany
Gebäude 'königliches Bergrevier' in Herne, ehemals der Sitz einer Unterabteilung des Oberbergamtes in Dortmund | Herne in Germany
Eingang zum Herner Amtsgericht | Herne in Germany
Blick vom Hafen Friedrich auf Reemrenreh am Rhein-Herne-Kanal in Herne | Herne in Germany
The bus station and the north side of the train station in Herne, Germany | Herne in Germany
Sonnenuntergang bei der Akademie Mont-Cenis in Herne | Herne in Germany
Baukau, castle: Schloss Strünkede | Herne in Germany
Das Rathaus in Herne | Herne in Germany
Herne, church | Herne in Germany
Schloss Strünkede in Herne | Herne in Germany
Bronzebüste des früheren Herner Oberbürgermeisters (1951 - 1975) an der Stadtgallerie in Herne, geschaffen von Heinrich Brockmeier | Herne in Germany
Der Lufthansa Airbus A340-313X mit dem Taufnamen "Herne" und der Registrierung D-AIGL rollt in Düsseldorf zum Start nach Frankfurt (ferry flight). Der Airbus kam am Morgen aus Newark (KEWR) als Lufthansa LH409. | Herne in Germany
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City in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 150 thousand people.

Herne is a small town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located on the Ruhr River, about 20 km east of Dortmund and 10 km north of Bochum. Herne is best known for the Ruhr Museum, which is the largest museum of cultural history in the Ruhr area. The museum is housed in a former coal mine, and includes exhibits on the history of the Ruhr region, mining, and the local culture.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in January during the day in Herne.