Neumünster Holstenköste 2009 | Neumünster in Germany
Neugotisches Rathaus (city hall), Neumuenster Germany | Neumünster in Germany
Neumünster, Anscharkirche, Foto 2007 | Neumünster in Germany
Wichernkirche Neumünster, Kirchturm und Teile des Kirchenschiffes | Neumünster in Germany
Altes Haus im Fürsthof NMS | Neumünster in Germany
St.Maria-St.Vicelin-Kirche in NMS | Neumünster in Germany
Stadttöpferei im Fürsthof NMS | Neumünster in Germany
Die Streuobstwiese in der Kieler Straße 515 mit etwa 200 Obstbäumen. | Neumünster in Germany
Der Adventsmarkt in Neumünster auf dem Großflecken. Traditionell wird am 24.12 12:00 ein Open-Air Turmkonzert aus den beiden Häusern in der Holstenstraße gegeben. | Neumünster in Germany
Station building of Neumünster train station | Neumünster in Germany
Das Amtsgericht in Neumünster an der Boostedter Straße 26 | Neumünster in Germany
Vicelin-church of Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany | Neumünster in Germany
die "Wellen" - Plastik von Ernst Reiter im Rencks Park | Neumünster in Germany
Vicelin-Kirche (Vicelin Church) Neumuenster Germany | Neumünster in Germany
Wappen der Stadt Neumünster am Ortseingang in Brachenfeld an der Brücke über die Schwale | Neumünster in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 79 thousand people.

Neumünster is a small but lively city in the north of Germany, just a stone’s throw from the Danish border. It’s known for its annual Christmas market, one of the largest in the country, and for its lively nightlife, with a good selection of bars and clubs. The city centre is compact and easy to explore on foot, and is home to a mix of old and new architecture, as well as a lively cultural scene. There’s a good selection of restaurants and cafes, and a few green spaces for a break from the city bustle. Neumünster is a great base for exploring the surrounding area, including the picturesque towns of Sylt and Eiderstedt and the stunning Schleswig-Holstein countryside.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in June during the day in Neumünster.