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Ateneum, Helsinki's main art museum, displays Finnish art and global masterpieces.

In the heart of Helsinki, Ateneum is a reflection of Finland's artistic heritage. Within the 19th-century building, the nation's most extensive collection of classical art reveals stories of Finnish culture, history, and identity.

Ateneum is a mainstay of Finland's art scene. The building, established in 1887, matches the art it holds with its notable façade and carefully crafted interiors. Here, works by Finnish artists like Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Helene Schjerfbeck, as well as international pieces from artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, are displayed.

Visitors are attracted to the 'Golden Age of Finnish Art' exhibit, which displays the national romantic movement of the late 19th century, an essential period for the Finnish sense of self. Besides permanent collections, the museum also presents temporary exhibitions featuring current artists or thematic collections.

Accessibility is important at Ateneum. The museum offers guided tours in various languages, making it welcoming for both locals and tourists. It also organizes family-friendly workshops and events.

Located conveniently near Helsinki Central Station, Ateneum is easy to get to for those exploring the city. Open Tuesday to Sunday, the entrance fee is €17 for adults, with no charge for those under 18. The museum shop has a selection of items inspired by Finnish art.

In summary, Ateneum is not just an art museum; it's a journey through the Finnish legacy.

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