Capital of 🇮🇶Iraq


The Arab world's second largest city is hoping to bounce back.

Baghdad is a city of extremes. It's one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the world, but it's also one of the most dangerous. It's a city of opulence and poverty, of religious tolerance and sectarian violence. While much of the city has been destroyed in the years of conflict, there are still many interesting and beautiful places to visit. The city's ancient core, known as the Old City, is a labyrinth of narrow streets and traditional mud-brick houses. The imposing Al-Mutawakkil Mosque is a sight to behold, as is the 12th-century Abbasid Palace. The city's famous gold market is a must-see, as is the historical district of Karrada. And, of course, no visit to Baghdad is complete without a visit to the Green Zone, home to the American and Iraqi governments.

Average temperatures during the day in Baghdad.

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