Ancient lost cities, camels, and sand dunes.

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Aqaba is a city on the Gulf of Aqaba in southern Jordan. Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most important port in the country. The city was built around a natural harbor and eventually became a major center for trade and commerce in the region. Aqaba has a diverse population, including a significant number of refugees and displaced persons from Iraq and Palestine.

The city has stunning beaches and clear waters lined by modern resorts and international restaurants. Then, if you venture inland you will find ancient fortresses, Crusader castles, and Nabataean tombs. Explore the many archaeological sites, such as the Umm al-Jimal ruins or the Ayla Oasis, and learn about the region’s rich history. To cool off, head to the beach, snorkel in the Red Sea, or take a boat trip to the peaceful Gulf of Aqaba. To taste local life, wander through the lively souks and haggle for traditional Jordanian crafts. Afterward, watch the sunset from the top of the Aqaba Fortress and savor the beauty of the Arabian night.

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