Kościół pw. św. Augustyna w Lipinach | Świętochłowice in Poland
Świętochłowice - Willa Wallisów | Świętochłowice in Poland
Dawna siedziba Dyrekcji Kopalń i Hut Donnersmarcków w Świętochłowicach, ul. Katowicka 30. | Świętochłowice in Poland
Siedziba zarządu dóbr ziemskich Donnersmarcków w Świętochłowicach.  
ob. Muzeum Powstań Śląskich. | Świętochłowice in Poland
The town hall in Świętochłowice. | Świętochłowice in Poland
Kościół św. Piotra i św. Pawła w Świętochłowicach | Świętochłowice in Poland
Świętochłowice, Lipiny, stara zabudowa | Świętochłowice in Poland
This is a photo of a monument in Poland identified by the ID | Świętochłowice in Poland
Wieża ciśnień w Świętochłowicach z 1909 r. | Świętochłowice in Poland
Dyrekcja Kopalń i Hut Donnersmarcków w Świętochłowicach | Świętochłowice in Poland
ulica Katowicka | Świętochłowice in Poland
fasada kaplicy szpitalnej w Świętochłowicach | Świętochłowice in Poland
City in 🇵🇱 Poland with a population of around 52 thousand people.

Świętochłowice is a small town in southern Poland, located in the Silesian Voivodeship. It is best known for its steelworks, which are the biggest in the country. The town is also home to a coal mine, a power plant, and a chemical plant. Świętochłowice is a busy and polluted town, but it is also a place of great natural beauty. The mountain range that surrounds the town is full of forests, rivers, and lakes. The town is also home to a large park, which is a popular spot for walks and picnics.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Świętochłowice.