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Marvão Castle

Marvão Castle in Portugal offers panoramic views and preserved medieval military architecture.

Marvão Castle offers extensive vistas across the Portuguese and Spanish borderlands. This 13th-century fortress is a tangible link to the Reconquista era when Christian forces reclaimed the land from Moorish rule.

Visitors are greeted by the imposing granite walls that have withstood the test of time. Once inside, the views from the battlements span for miles, including the surrounding hills and the Serra de São Mamede. The castle's keep, or Torre de Menagem, offers a high vantage point.

Cistern Square, within the castle grounds, is notable for the large water cistern that kept the fortress running during sieges.

Marvão Castle was an important stronghold during the Portuguese Restoration War in the 17th century. It also played a part in the Peninsular War against Napoleonic forces. Despite these conflicts, the castle remains remarkably intact, allowing visitors to experience the past.

Walking along the castle's ramparts or exploring the nearby Roman City of Ammaia shows the history that has shaped this border territory.

Come during spring or fall when the weather is mild and the landscape is full of life or colored with autumn hues. The castle is open daily, and the entrance fee is small.

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