Perched on a peak, a medieval fortress and beautiful views.

Marvão is a fortified town on a hill in Portugal with amazing views, a 13th-century Castle of Marvão, and local Chestnut Festival.

Perched on a peak in the Alentejo region of Portugal, Marvão is a fortress town that offers fantastic views of the surrounding Serra de São Mamede. Castle of Marvão, its well-preserved 13th-century fortification, dominates the skyline, and the town's whitewashed houses and narrow cobbled streets have an old-world feel.

At about 862 meters (2,828 feet), Marvão is elevated above all surrounding areas. This creates the spectacular views, stretching across the Portuguese-Spanish border. The town is surrounded by defensive walls that have stood the test of time. You can walk along these ancient ramparts, looking out from the battlements like did watchers from the past.

The Castle of Marvão is the main attraction. In its thick walls you will find small but informative Municipal Museum. It follows the local history through archaeological finds and traditional items.

Walking through Marvão, you move through a place that feels like a live museum. The Igreja de Santa Maria, a converted church, now serves as a cultural space. The Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrela, outside the town walls, is convert founded in 1448.

If you come in November, be sure to check out the annual Chestnut Festival. It's a celebration of the region’s key crop through music, dance, and good food. It's a great time to try local dishes like migas and ensopado de borrego at family-owned restaurants.

Late spring or early autumn are the best times to go, thanks to mild temperatures and smaller crowds. Marvão's out-of-the-way location makes it little more difficult to get to, but its peace and genuine atmosphere reward those who make the effort.

Average temperatures during the day in Marvão.

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