Trail in Abisko National Park


Explore Sweden's 440 km King's Trail, with mountain huts and views of the Northern Lights in Abisko National Park.

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King's Trail, known as Kungsleden in Swedish, is a hiker's paradise that stretches across 440 kilometers (270 miles) of Sweden's most impressive landscapes. This path is a collection of Arctic views, dotted with welcoming mountain huts and the occasional reindeer sighting, offering a genuine wilderness experience for both experienced hikers and casual walkers alike.

The trail, established by the Swedish Tourism Association at the turn of the 20th century, offers a deep journey through the heart of Lapland. Divided into sections, the most walked stretch is the 110 kilometers (68 miles) between Abisko and Nikkaluokta. This portion shows the vast differences of the region, with each step taking you away from daily life's rush and closer to nature's calm presence.

Hikers are met with a range of terrain, from lowland birch forests to high mountain areas that command respect and preparation. Weather can change quickly, so having the right gear is a must. Summer brings long daylight hours and bursts of wildflowers, while fall paints the hills in vivid colors. Winter turns the trail into a snowy landscape, tough but rewarding for those equipped for cold-weather hiking or cross-country skiing.

Along the way, mountain huts provide rest, spaced about a day's walk apart. They are simple, with shared spaces and basic facilities, creating a community feel as travelers meet and share stories. For those seeking solitude, camping is allowed almost anywhere along the route.

Abisko National Park, where the trail starts, is a notable area in itself. With its often clear skies, it's a great spot for seeing the Northern Lights. The park's Natural Science Station adds an informative side, offering knowledge about the region's unique environment.

King's Trail is not just a path through the wilderness; it's a journey of self-discovery, demanding respect for nature and a readiness to accept the unexpected. Whether it's the peace of the woods, the impressiveness of the mountains, or the simple pleasure of a warm fire at the end of the day, this trail has elements that stay with you, long after the walk is over.

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