Lake in Abisko National Park


Discover the calm scenery of Torneträsk, a clear lake in Sweden's Abisko, ringed by tall mountains.

Torneträsk is not just a lake; it is a display of nature's work in the heart of Abisko National Park. As Sweden's seventh-largest lake, it extends 70 kilometers (43 miles) and reaches depths of up to 168 meters (551 feet), surrounded by the Scandinavian mountain range. Torneträsk's waters, partly supplied by glacial runoff, are known for their clear, cold touch and the reflections of surrounding peaks.

The lake is a central part of the region's ecosystem, affecting the local weather and providing a habitat for different fish species, including Arctic char and brown trout. Fishermen come here looking for a good fishing experience in this large body of water, which remains frozen from November to June. The thickness of the ice often allows for winter activities such as ice fishing and skating.

Visitors to Torneträsk can also experience the midnight sun during the summer months, where the sun stays in the sky for a full 24 hours. In contrast, in winter, the lake is a good spot for watching the Northern Lights, where the colors moving across the night sky create an unforgettable scene.

Getting to Torneträsk is a trip through beautiful landscapes. The lake is accessible by train, with the route itself being known as one of the most scenic in Sweden. Travelers can start from nearby towns such as Kiruna and ride directly into the center of the park.

For those who prefer a closer experience, hiking trails are numerous. One can walk along the shores of Torneträsk or follow trails that lead to higher places for wide views of the lake and its mountainous background.

When visiting Torneträsk, it's important to respect the delicate environment. Stick to marked paths and follow local rules to make sure this clean landscape stays unchanged for future visitors. Whether you're looking for quiet, adventure, or just a moment to connect with nature, Torneträsk's calm waters are a scene of constantly changing natural beauty.

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