Cultural Experience in Abisko National Park

Sami Experience

Experience Sámi culture in Abisko: hear traditional joiks, learn about reindeer herding, and see local crafts.

Explore the Sámi culture in Abisko National Park, where the Sami Experience offers a look into the lives of Europe's northernmost indigenous people. Here, visitors learn about a community where reindeer herding is more than just a job but a lifestyle, and old traditions are kept alive with care.

In the striking setting of Abisko, the Sami Experience is a cultural learning opportunity like no other. Guests are brought into a lavvu, a traditional tent similar to a tepee, where storytelling and joik (a distinctive type of song) give insight into Sami myths and history. The experience is interactive, letting you actively engage with the past.

Discussing the Sami means talking about their close connection with reindeer. This relationship is evident as attendees find out about herding methods and the crucial role these animals have in Sami culture. Gákti, the bright Sami clothing, brings color to the experience, with patterns and hues indicating information about the individual's identity and community standing.

The cultural encounter also emphasizes the Sami's eco-friendly traditions, showing how they have lived in balance with nature for ages. Through handicraft workshops, guests develop an appreciation for the craft and detail needed to make items necessary for life in the Arctic.

The Sami Experience in Abisko National Park is more than an event; it's an enlightening look at the endurance and practices of a cultural group that is often not in the spotlight. It's an important stop for those who want to grasp the diversity of Sweden’s people beyond the common tourist areas.

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